Fresh Tomato Olive Salsa; The Weekly Menu Planner — 14 Comments

  1. Oh Katie, my heart goes out to you – husband in hospital, garden out of control AND having to get to grips with the mower, just what a girl needs. Amazed you still have time to make yourself such a delicious supper, even if it isn’t as proper as usual (improper, perhaps?)
    Good luck with it all

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to both you and your husband.
    GOrgeous salad…

  3. Oh, you poor thing! But your salsa looks amazing. I’m a sucker for anything with olives in it.

  4. Katie, we are pulling for your and ton mari! Take care of yourself, too, as we know you will take care of him.

  5. Happy Cook, thanks, it does go well with summer!
    Thanks, Joanna. I’m thinking of spraying the whole darn thing with Round-up!
    Pam, me too. My secret vice. I buy large containers and hide them (well, in the fridge)
    Thanks, TBTAM, very much appreciated!
    Zoomie, I have prescribed a glass of wine for me at bedtime…seems to be working.
    Lydia, thanks…energy is just exactly what i need!

  6. Katie, I hope that he feels better soon, and yes, French hospital food is the worst! I can attest to that, its like prison food. What an irony!
    Feel well both of you my friends!

  7. Kevin, anything with olives…
    Riana, thanks for the kind thoughts. And yeah, who would have thought French hospital food could be so bad… but, apparently, he gets lots of it!

  8. Oh dear! Haveing been the proud owner of a sick husband (also a bacterial coup, resulting in a grossly swollen neck, a needle biopsy, an ultrasound scan, a scope up his nose… and shingles because ue was so run down). Sorry to hear the French medical system doesn’t have much more to reccomend it that the English NHS! Luckily hubby managed to avoid a hospital stay (I allowed him to stay in the marital bed after I’d checked that shingles is not contagious… :o))
    As for the power mower, the closest I’ve had to come is a trimmer (called a Weedeater back home – not sure what the generic term is, but it’s the slender stem with a rotating length of tough nylon wire at the end that you use to trim the edges of the lawn after it’s been mowed). I feel your pain!!

  9. Jeanne, I remember when yours was ill last winter… Actually, the French are doing fine, paying lots of attention… They are just very, very methodical and can not be rushed… or even slightly hurried.
    I need proper Wellies before I tackle the ‘WeedWhacker’ (US)

  10. Oh, Katie, I am sorry your husband is in the hospital! I went through that when G. had heart surgery, and it was stressful. I am thinking of you.
    The 2-3 week hospital stay is a godsend. Vive les Francais!

  11. Mimi, and after he gets out we have a nurse come by every day… It really is amazing!