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Healthier Taco Salad; Weekly Menu Plan; Bad is Better — 11 Comments

  1. Oh I can’t say why, I can only say ‘they’ will never believe you when you say it’s them and not me/you.
    Everyday this week I’ve spent at least 90 minutes on the phone with somebody about our internet – well not today but the last four. Talk about trying one’s soul.
    I love every taco salad I’ve ever had!!

  2. Even when one is not a computer expert, one (i.e., me) is often right about diagnosing the source of technology problems. One (i.e., me) can often console oneself with exercise or its evil twin — chocolate — while waiting for the person on the other end of the phone to fix the problem.

  3. How is it that your recipes and descriptions always have my mouth watering, even when I’ve just eaten?? This sounds divine.

  4. Brown rice, eh? This is the second of your recent posts that is calling for brown rice. And I just read a little essay in SAVEUR magazine about the virtues of brown rice.
    Is this a conspiracy to trick me into thinking that brown rice tastes good? 😉
    In the 70s and early 80s, we ALWAYS ate brown rice because it was good for us. Secretly, I always felt like I was chewing on crushed cardboard. Rather tasty crushed cardboard but still: crushed cardboard.
    And then I met the wonderful man I married, who released me from my brown rice prison and decreed that we would always eat white rice – basmati or Thai or Arborio. Perfect rice every time. Delicious rice. No cardboard.
    So…. Brown rice isn’t like cardboard anymore? Really? (Clearly, I have to try it again.)

  5. I hate tech support…but also worked tech support for a while, so I guess I’ll say I hate *bad* tech support. The taco salad looks delicious and I like how colorful it is!

  6. Tanna, it’s so frustrating because it’s supposed to be so simple… and usually is once diagnosed!
    Lydia, DUH! (slaps head!) Chocolate would have been so much better!
    Heidi, it’s a subliminal plot…teeheehee…
    Elizabeth, wellll…. I kind of cheat and cook it with chicken or beef stock… and herbs…sometimes onions… And mine is a long grain that is quite good!
    Mike, I’ve been on both sides, too… Still frustrating. I like colorful!

  7. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who goes around unplugging stuff at the first sign of thunder 😉 The taco salad looks great too!

  8. What a lovely salad!!!! Tan apetitosa 😀 During hot summer days I could live on those… I can’t get to close to the stove or the heat!!!
    My husband laughs so hard when I disconect everything when a thunderstorm comes… but I still do! He also laughed when we went on holidays to a nice mountain hotel that year of the BIG summer heat (don’t remember when) and I took my fan with us… thank God I did 😀