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Pasta with Goat Cheese (Chevre) Sauce; the Week That Was! — 17 Comments

  1. Le sigh…this sounds and looks so tasty. Almost good enough to make up for the lack of modern amenities…oh no! 🙂

  2. I have done a few goat cheese pasta dishes lately. Goat cheese makes such a simple and tasty sauce for pasta!

  3. Looks good and the difficulty is of my caliber.
    Cold heatless nights don’t keep many women happy, so the increase could be neccessary.
    Glad you could get sympathy and advice with your French. I could only get confusion with mine.
    Come to think of it..I often get confusion with English.

  4. Sorry to hear about your little wintry adventure…;-(
    As for your pasta dish…nothing better to warm the soul than creamy goat cheese. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  5. How shocking to learn that French men are as insecure about their lovemaking equipment as English-speakers are! And here I thought they were born knowing how to “make be-ootifool museek togezzhair”!

  6. Cakespy, all is back to normal, and working again!
    Kevin, I saw your goat cheese sauce…yum!
    Lucy, slowly, ever so slowly.’
    Sue, it’s a rarity foe me as well – blank looks are much more common!
    Lydia, if you need help, let me know…
    Mike, it always happens at a bad time, don’t’ch know!
    Ruth, today was sunny and warm…there’s hope!
    Zoomie, really, I was soooo shocked! Unless I didn’t read them correctly…. Sometimes I hit delete faster than intended..

  7. See, now there’s the difference between you and me – I’d feel compelled to read the whole thing! 🙂

  8. Zoomie, I’m always torn between reading and skimming – and end up doing both!

  9. I have certainly crumbled goat cheese on pasta but have never made a goat cheese cream sauce! Sounds lovely, particularly with the fresh chives.

  10. I am drooling all over this dish Kate. We have a local goat cheese producer Carmeli’s that I can envision in this tasty pasta!

  11. Mmmmm!!! I adore goat’s cheese on pasta and invariable add at least some to any pasta dish to finish it. Not long ago, I sauteed beet slices with onions and dill seed, added a few toasted pecans and a little chicken stock and dill weed, then tossed it all with penne, then put a few coins of creamy goat’s cheese on top so it melted on the hot pasta. It’s a little more labour intensive than your chive and tomato one but only fractionally. I think you need to try it, Katie.
    (I spent most of the winter encased in several sweaters and blankets because my husband said it was “raspy hot” whenever the furnace went on. Imagine my delight when the furnace failed entirely one day in January or so and my husband declared in a wounded tone, “It’s freezing!! The furnace pilot light went out. I can’t believe you didn’t notice!” rrrrrr… when the house is kept at around 15C during the day and around 10C at night, why on earth would I notice that it has dropped to 10C during the day?)

  12. LisaRene, I really like the creamy goat cheese and always have at least one box in the fridge.
    Val, I want a local goat cheese person…. You’d think in France that would be easy…
    Elizabeth, our house is usually 18C – practically balmy. I regularly wear 2 or 3 layers, also. But, I refuse to do without hot water….. I am not taking a cold shower in a cold bathroom in a cold house…. We must have our limits….
    We can back from a trip to the U.S. 2 winters ago and the furnace wouldn’t start – and it was a Friday night….no repairs possible until Monday….

  13. That’s balmy indeed. The really sad thing about being perennially freezing at home is that I have inexplicably become acclimatized and am generally boiling hot anywhere else I go. I was on a job and someone came up to me outraged, showing me her thermometer that she carries in her case. “18C!!! It’s only 18C in here. I can’t work like this!” Meanwhile, I looked at her blankly and peeled off one of my many sweaters.
    I wouldn’t stand for no hot water either. How else could one take a hot bath in order to warm up?
    One of our friends claims he is going to get a couple of goats so he can go into small scale goats’ cheese production. I can’t wait!!

  14. Elizabeth, I had a seperate thermostat put in my office so I could keep it cool… It had the additional benefit of keeping meetings very short.