Oriental Asparagus Salad; A Lovely Award for a Stupid Woman — 17 Comments

  1. Poor girl, but shit happens! I hope you “recovered” from this with your delicious looking salad.

  2. Too bad about the tires. That would be a drag. But at least there was still some asparagus, and the salad sounds delicious. I haven’t even seen purple asparagus! I’m assuming it still tastes the same though?

  3. I can’t understand life when it seems it really is taking everything out on one person, me most of the time but in this case it was you. Can something else make it all worse?
    Well, it won’t be the salad, the salad looks and sounds wonderfully good!
    Two tires, one should have done it. Our son once did the curb, two tires out.
    I really am sorry Katie.

  4. Oh I’m sorry about the incident! I remember my sister blowing out one tire like that when she was only 18 or so. Was my father ever mad!
    I got the same blog award too! I think I am going to try to choose 5 to pass it on to — I actually like shorter lists.
    Bon dimanche!

  5. Nice salad! I don’t think you should be hard on yourself: it was a combinations of factors that are basically impossible to control.

  6. Ulrike, as you say “shit happens”, then we get over it! A nice glass of wine helped immensely!
    Lydia, uh…. the two new tires? Nope, that’s not it…
    Kalyn it tastes pretty much the same – and it’s only the tips that are purple. But it’s thinner than the big fat white ones!
    Tanna, I thought it was only one…til the nice man pointed out the bump in the other. In the overall scheme of life… it was pretty minor… Once it was in the past!
    Betty, and Bon Dimanche soir to you! I need shorter lists…
    Thanks, Lannae…
    Simona, as Ulrike said…Shit happens. It was a good salad!

  7. I’m really impressed he came at 2:02…I’d have thought closer to 3 pm! 🙂
    But the salad? Sounds fantastic.

  8. Oh dear!! That’s such bad luck… And I can never get over the fact how things shut in Europe at lunchtime! I’m sure it’s good for quality of life, but it sure is bad for getting stuff done. And I’m fascinated by the violet asparagus as it’s not something I’ve seen before.

  9. Would it be some sort of comfort when I tell you it happened to me once? Granted only 1 tire but in front of our village school when said school went out?
    So much fun! And I didn’t even have purple asparagus.

  10. Heidi, I was pretty amazed myself! And grateful!
    Jeanne, after 11 years, I still am not used to it! It’s white, with purple tips, and I’ve only seen it here.
    BakingSoda, at least I could hide my faux pas in a distant parking lot….

  11. Dear Katie… Smuack! Thanks so much for the link and for your nice words 😀
    I try so hard to keep visiting all blogs I like but, as it probably happens to you too, the list is increasing and my time is getting shorter! I should have been here earlier, sorry!
    That is bad luck!!! I don’t know what I would have done… lunch or waiting in the car? Your salad is so original and healthy! You are always a great inspiration 😀

  12. My uncle has been looking for the asparagus when he had his vacation in our country. We could not find what he wanted because it has different name here in our place.