Pasta with Peanut Sauce; The Boot Sale — 14 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about all your dilemmas and as for garage sales…I’ve had 3 in 18 years or so….3 too many!
    I do hope your Honey will be okay. My thoughts are with you and I’ll be praying for you both on Monday.
    Thanks for taking the time to still contribute to Presto Pasta Night.

  2. What a time you’re having! Hope everything improves soon … especially the husband
    I’ve only once done a carboot sale, and there’s something you need to know, especially if you haven’t decided on pricing: when you arrive, you will not be the first, and all those early birds (who are often semi-pro junk dealers) will descend on you as you get out of your car and try to paw over your stuff and buy it. This is – I’m told – easier to deal with if you are prepared. My daughter and I just wanted to run away … instead we used strong language to chase them away, set up; they hovered, and got real bargains because we hadn’t decided on our pricing before we set out.
    Having said that, it was a good fun day, there were lots of lovely people buying and selling, we got rid of lots of junk (LOVE that idea of SEP), and made a bit of money
    Good luck with it – and let us know how it goes

  3. Hope your husband is doing well, and that by the time he is home you haven’t sold everything out from under him! I love having yard sales (our equivalent of the car boot sale) and clearing how the accuumulated stuff. Makes me feel lighter — and of course makes room for more stuff that I find at other people’s yard sales…. it is a vicious cycle, this cycle of “stuff”.

  4. Katie the pasta looks about perfect for your life right about now.
    I myself am contemplating boot sales. Trying to spend 3 to 4 hours each day gathering clutter (my husband’s term for it) items I will not move (my term for it) and carting it out to the storage area for sale/recycling. I don’t really mind the getting rid of it part, it’s the idea of putting prices on it and then actually watching the people swoop in over it – that part scares me.
    Wishing you an uneventful and speedy recovery for the husband.

  5. Ruth, thanks for the thoughts and prayers… They are appreciated! 3 sales, eh???
    Joanna, thanks for the tips… I probably would have turned tail and ran had I not known…
    Lydia, I told him I was going to go through his tools… Thought that would be a good incentive to heal quickly…
    Tanna, I have never been known to part with anything…. this is needed but will be traumatic!

  6. I finally learned a few years ago how addictive yard and rummage sales are. I started with a little table at the flea market stall next to my coworkers’ booth and sold $63 worth. What a thrill! I did it a few more times, then a friend joined me and we had a great time and over the past two years have probably made more than $1000 at flea markets. Then I started working with another friend at a rummage sale to raise money for cancer research – an even greater thrill.
    I do hope votre mari is doing OK.

  7. There comes a time when you just have to weed out the cluuter. Less time spent dusting and more time in the kitchen where we’d like to be:D

  8. Sue, never having done it… should be interesting!
    Thanks, Mike… all things in time.
    Kevin, a new way to eat more peanut butter (as if I needed one)
    Mimi, my sis is the same way – has one every year and makes enouhg to replenish her shopping account.
    Val, I’m on a serious ‘no-dusting’ kick. I hate jobs that don’t stay done… Like dusting, and, now, lawn mowing.

  9. Pasta with peanut sauce could be my downfall, I know If I made it just once I would want it every day 🙂 I have no will power!

  10. LisaRene, I really don’t have much when it comes to peanut butter – so I try to use it up quickly…Wait, that doesn’t work….

  11. First time with a power lawn mower aye? It must have been awkward at first, but I am sure it was very exciting.