Pesto Pasta Salad with Grilled Chicken; More Shopping — 19 Comments

  1. Great minds think alike Kate. I have a very similar recipe that I still have to post for the Taste & Create event coming up. You have to choose a recipe from your partners blog and this is what I chose. It was so delicious…and no leftovers!!

  2. Wow, congrats and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed to make sure the house really is sold. And here I’ve been living vicariously through you and your gardening skills…now what?
    Thanks for sharing a lovely dish with Presto Pasta Nights.

  3. I hope the sale goes through, what’s with Europe and bureaucacy?
    On to the pasta salad, most seem bland but your choice of pesto holds up well in flavour.

  4. Hello there, Katie. Are you looking for your new house in the same region you are now? Inquiring minds and all that…
    Love the pasta recipe!

  5. I remember my sister-in-law telling tales of the process of purchasing their house in France. So archaic! Congratulations on your sale — I hope all goes smoothly.

  6. Val, always alike :-)) No leftovers is the hallmark of ‘delicious’, right?
    Ruth, there will be a new garden to tackle!
    Peter, I think the consensus is that there are still too many trees, more paperwork must be generated…
    Kevin, thanks…
    Christine, we’re looking a little further south, somewhere with less rain, and maybe a few more expat’s… We’re very isolated, where we are now.
    Lydia, fingers crossed, and all that!

  7. Hope you had a good price for the sale of the house 🙂
    How could you ever put up delicious pasta in the middle of all the packing! Bravo!

  8. Oh dear – what a palaver! Everything in Europe certainly does seem harder than at home. In South Africa, you signed the offer to purchase and as soon as the seller signed too, you had a binding contract and not much could go wrong, short of not getting a mortgage. Here in the Uk there are a thousand hoops to jump through. Holding thumbs for you that all goes according to plan. Love the pasta salad too – will make use of it if the weather ever warms up properly!!

  9. France and Bureaucracy go together don’t they? They invented the word after all.
    Good luck Katie hope it all goes smoothly for you…Are you planning on a town or a village for your new home?

  10. Good luck finding the new place that’s less rainy, has capacious closets, room for the big dogs, heating other than fireplaces, and lovely old beams, too! I know it’s out there!

  11. Tigerfish, we’re just hoping it’s really sold!
    Jeanne, it was easy in the U.S., too. Once someone made an offer they signed within minutes :-))
    Swirling Notions, absolutely, the whole gory, bloody disaster that will be ours!
    Gilli, with our 2 monster size dogs we still need to be in the country…which means a small hamlet!
    Ulrike, thanks, mine are too!
    Zoomie, it’s all possible…well, except for the closets, of course!

  12. How far south are you thinking of coming? Anywhere near my neck of the woods?
    The last few recipes you’ve posted look great! You make things that always look easy and delicious. Merci!
    I hope all is well with your husband and that he doesn’t have to spend weeks in the hospital enduring the food.

  13. loulou, someone just told me we have to go to Spain to get out of the rain…. I don’t think we want to go that far south….
    Around Bordeaux, or maybe a bit further we think… Or, wherever we find a house we like.

  14. Sounds like a pain in the … you know where to sell a house and to find one. I have now the same problem (looking for one) and it is not easy to find a sweet home which has all the things you want to have. So congratulations, Niki

  15. Looking for a quick 30 min, meal that I can make in the office kitchen without a lot of ingrediants.