Salad with Spinach, Ham, Avocado and Pasta, and 1,2,3 You’re IT — 10 Comments

  1. Must check to see if I can find both those books at the library. Both turn out cool quotes.
    Wonderful salad! If it’s got spinach and avocado, I’m all for it.

  2. That is one hearty and tasty looking salad. I have been getting into avocados lately.

  3. Hi Katie!
    I love absolutely everything about this dish, especially that it’s so high in calcium! And you just made Jeff’s day by adding the ham. 😉 He’s gonna love this.
    Thanks for a thoughtful recipe and post, my dear.

  4. Kevin, me, too. They seem to be ending up in almost everything.
    Susan, you are so welcome… and thank you back fo such a wonderful and important event.

  5. I have the first book but haven’t read anything in it yet. I picked it up in London last year.
    I hope your husband is okay! I can’t seem to glean why he is “à l’hosto” — the food at our new Rodez hospital is absolutely terrible, so I sympathize. The old one served “real food” from its own cafeteria; this one is all ready-made and under plastic film.

  6. Never mind healthy, that looks just plain delicious! I’m keeping this one to make when warm weather *finally* gets to London…

  7. That pasta dish has wonderful colours katie! Qué buena 😀 Avocado is sooooo good, too bad it has a bit too much of calories 🙁

  8. Betty, that’s because we didn’t really know – other than a massive bacterial infection… We find out more each day. Now he’s feeling better but can’t leave so the food really sucks – hahaha!
    Jeanne, we’re having another delayed summer as well.
    Nuria, but avocado is ‘good’ fat!

  9. I wish avocados had no seed so I could just peel it and take a huge bite out of it… oh I need to go find an avo right now!!