Spinach Salad with Chicken and Quinoa; Saturday Lunch — 18 Comments

  1. Hey Kate! You may find it silly, but Do and I would like to pass on our bloggie award to you. Check out our 5/3/08 post for a swath of information and compliments!

  2. Neen, thank you so much! – and for all the lovely words….
    Heidi, it was great fun – including the nap after!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place. And I will try the dish

  4. I’m so jealous of your spinach! We’ve got nothing in the garden but a few hardy herbs — and lots of daffodils. The rabbits have eaten our sorrel already, so now we wait a few weeks to plant more stuff. I’ll try this salad, though, because I love spinach, and quinoa is my new favorite grain.

  5. Katie, ohhhhhhh another lovely Spinach recipe for me to try. I have it growing like crazy here too. Oh I have tagged you on my blog for a Literary Meme too. 🙂

  6. Mmmm, that Ramon’s place sounds great. Hope you had luck with the weeds 🙂

  7. Katie,
    I love this salad, so healthy!
    I must try also quinoa again, I tried once and it was total disaster… I must give it a second chance… I’m bookmarking your recipe 😉
    Have a wonderful day, Margot

  8. Sounds like a very fun lunch tradition. I’m trying to cook more with quinoa, and this salad sounds great!

  9. It was great!
    Zoomie, that really was the point – it certainly wasn’t the wine ;-))
    Lydia, I’m battling the snails for my lettuce…. One wouldn’t expect the little buggers to eat so much!
    Pat, a literary meme? Sounds like fun, Enjoy the spinach
    PoppyFields: Katie: 0; Weeds 1,000.
    Margot, I love quinoa, – can’t say that I know the proper way to cook it, but I’m happy!
    Tanna, you would enjoy Ramon’s….
    Kalyn, the quinoa really didn’t show up in the photo – but it did in the flavor!

  10. Not being fond of spinach, I need delicious ways like this to incorporate it into my diet more often, thanks much!

  11. Neil, you are so right. He went to Paraguay every Feb. and we were all lost….
    jj, I think it’s mush easier to like as a salad…

  12. Hola beauty! If it stops raining for a while here (YES IT’S FINALLY RAINING A LOT!!!!!) I have 5 little tomatoe plants waiting to be planted in my terrace big pot, nothing like home grown veggies!
    If I go to Andorra I will remember Ramon’s and go there, sounds great!

  13. Nuria, I’m so glad you finally got some rain! I remeber some incredible thunderstorms rolling into Barcelona… Like the pic on your blog!
    Linda, thanks for the quinoa recipe. I love it and really have no recipes other than the ones I create!