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Spring is Purple, at Giverny — 24 Comments

  1. Thanks Katie, it is as beatiful as I remembered and more!! Lovely castle too. We were a bit later in the year, so missed the wisteria in bloom and the tulips. They are gorgeous!!!

  2. Thanks for taking us along – lovely, lovely! I was there in high summer so the nasturtiums were the dominant bloom then. Both are breathtaking!

  3. I bet it was hard leaving such a beautiful garden! Thank you so much for sharing. I have looked at this quite a few times! The colors are stunning. I can just imagine what it looks like in person.
    In your previous post, I can totally relate to your foot problem. All year round, since it is warm here, I never wear shoes in the house. Outside, flip-flops or Teva sandals. So when I go to the mainland and have to wear shoes – ouch!

  4. Thank you for sharing Giverny. It’s been many years since I’ve been there, and now I feel like I’ve visited again.

  5. Thanks, everyone. I highly recommend a visit – take a picnic and make a day of it as the French do.
    Or have a leisurely lunch at one of the restaurants as we did.

  6. Absolutely breath-taking! How amazing it must have been for you walking in those famous gardens!

  7. Lovely lovely photos – I’ve never been to Giverny, but now I almost feel as if I have. And great to know – for the first time – that the tourist traffic is managed so well
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Truly gorgeous. The frilled-edge tulips are stunning..must find them somewhere.
    I made the inappropriate footwear whilst hiking mistake once. Profuse bleeding and scars that last over a year usually serve as sufficient reminder not to try it again 😉 It was the first time I had ever climbed a mountain. Being a city-slicker flatlander at the time, I thought clogs were the standard. Too many black and white movies of the Alps perhaps. I did climb that mountain though..to the top and back down. Umm possibly cried.

  9. Cymry, there is nothing worse than bleeding feet. When I bought my hiking boots I walked in them for hours before going up the mountains. But I never think to do the same for a stroll in the gardens…

  10. Wow, wow and wow…what a delight to see springtime in Giverny. Thank you!
    Sorry I’ve been away so long. Life got full. But I’ll be back soon.

  11. Deborah, You’re welcome…It was fantastic!
    Jeni, don’t I know what you mean… Mine is on the verge of explosion…. I’ll tell all later!

  12. I’ve always wanted to go to Giverny. Just look at that wisteria!! And I suspect the spetacular red bush is a rhododendron. Beautiful pics!

  13. Jeanne, GO! I would suggest May, for the wisteris and iris, or July, for the water lilies and roses… I want to go back!