Barbecued Salmon; The Weekly Menu Planner — 6 Comments

  1. This looks way better than any store bought bottled sauce! I looks terrific katie!!

  2. Hi Katie,
    What fun I’m having ‘catching up’ with your posts. Always delightful! I’m glad to hear that ‘mon mari’, yours, not mine, is doing well and will be back to mowing lawns soon.

  3. Hi Katie, Like you I have to make do too, and make up alot of my own things. I found a great substitute for corn syrup, use golden syrup. Has a slightly different flavour, but works fine.

  4. Marie, I’m getting mucch better at figuring out the flavors I want… ;-))
    Christine, Thanks… I’m way behind myself. And mon mari is back in the saddle, er lawn mower seat. Not the push one yet though
    Pat, no golden syrup either…This being France and all!