Ham and Cheese Mini-Frittatas; Blogging for Bri

Ham and Cheese Mini Frittatas

It’s raining…. Can’t work in the garden.

Emails to movers sent off…. Waiting.

Papers to buy our intended house sent to Notaire…. Waiting.

I think I shall do something I haven’t done in a rather long time: Spend some quality time with my computer.

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Kalyn’s Kitchen describing both this month’s Click event and a fund raiser.

Both are organized on behalf Brianna Brownlow of Figs with Bri

Bri is battling breast cancer.  As in any war, one must focus on the fight and not the funding.  This is a call for food (and other) bloggers to help raise money so that Bri can seek out and access the treatment she needs.

Insurance only does so much…. and that often/usually does not include alternative treatments and/or those not approved by the Powers That Be.

Bri needs to be able to choose her own course of care.  Amazingly, all she needs for 1 year is 12,000 dollars!  That’s a lot for one person…. but if we all give a just little…..

The event is being coordinated by Jai and Bee from Jugalbandi, Manisha from Indian Food Rocks, Garrett from Vanilla Garlic, and Shankari from Stream of Consciousness.

This is their message and this is how you can contribute for Bri and bid on some fabulous prizes!

In keeping with the Fight Against Cancer, and the LiveStrong Foundation, the theme for this month’s Click is  “Yellow “.

This is the first photo that I have entered in Click.  This event is through the month of June and there is an archive of past events and photos.

I couldn’t think of anything in my kitchen more yellow than a farm fresh French egg.

Ham and Cheese Mini Frittata
Ham and Cheese Mini Frittatas

1.5 oz (45gr) ham
3 eggs
1.5 oz (45gr) shredded Gruyère cheese
1 tbs shredded basil
1 tbs snipped chives

Roughly chop ham. Butter or spray a non-stick muffin (tartlet) pan – one that holds 6, or use a silicone pan.
Divide ham and put into the 6 cups.  Divide basil and chives and put on top of ham. Crack the eggs into a large bowl and whisk well.  Using a ladle or spoon divide mixture evenly between the cups. Top with the cheese. 
Bake at 375F for 12 – 15 minutes or until set.
Frittatas will puff up considerably and then fall when removed from oven. Allow to cool 5 – 10 minutes before removing from pan – they will start to come away from the sides of the pan as they fall making them easier to get out.
Serve with a garnish of olives or sliced cherry tomatoes, warm or at room temperature.

On another note:

I started going through my paperback books yesterday, in preparation for the vide-grenier (literally: empty attic) aka: car boot sale; garage sale; yard sale.

I have well over 1,000 paperbacks.

I have a very difficult time parting with books.  I might want to read them again…. Someday.

But, the hardest part, I am discovering, is breaking up ‘authors’.

If I like an author, my anal retentive self requires that I buy every word said author has ever written.

If any of you do the same thing, you will understand my complaint that most prolific authors, over time, loose whatever bit of ability they had that got them to the ‘top’ in the first place.

With some I actually can recognize passages that have been used in earlier books.  It’s as if they just cut and paste to get the latest drivel to the publisher.

I know this.

I know I’ll never read the crap again.

And yet… I find it hard to get rid of them.

My plan is to take each author and keep half of their books, only the ones I actually enjoyed.

But… Then I won’t have a complete set…

And… Won’t they get lonely without their siblings?

Note: Once, when I had fewer paperbacks I reread all of them….in alphabetical order….

Anal retentive?  Not me…..

12 thoughts on “Ham and Cheese Mini-Frittatas; Blogging for Bri”

  1. My problem is not so much giving them away (my cousins and I trade and the ones they don’t want I give to my local library) as not buying them in the first place! Even authors whose work I know I no longer enjoy – still call to me! And my OCD side comes to the fore in that once begun, I simply _must_ finish, even if the book stinks!

  2. I generally depend on the library but nowadays they are sluggish about adding earlier books of the author (or even the later ones, as the case may be). And I’m the sort who has a hard time waiting if I take a shine to an author. Needless to say, the minute I capitulate and buy all the books I don’t possess, they magically appear in the library on my next visit.

  3. In alphabetical order . . . impressive. I’m having some similar problems getting rid of things. It’s just hard but each time I go back I find something to move out so maybe one day I’ll get there – clutter free, or not.
    Frittatas look delish!

  4. The Frittatas look delicious…. As for the books the reason I don’t throw them out is they all become friends once in the process of reading them. And one can never have too many friends, right??

  5. Zoomie, I’m the same: I but in hopes that they are, once again, good… then I can’t get rid of them. And I always finish… Well, almost, but if I don’t I feel guilty.
    Sra, I used to be an avid library person… but I have succumbed to the desire to own. Foolish woman!
    Margot, I ‘heart’ strawberry salads.
    Tanna, I’m trying to use this move as incentive….Not working!
    Heidi, if you figure it out….
    Pat, I really did not need to hear that!

  6. Definitely going to try the frittatas! I tend to keep way more books than I should…but I’ve gotten better about it since having kids–I’m a pack rat who can’t stand clutter! I’m a mess!

  7. I crave those fritattas. And I have books that date back to high school–which was some time ago! I feel guilty getting rid of them.

  8. Sounds delicious! I just love the community here in the food blogosphere! Hope you are having a great summer Katie and I am sorry to have been MIA for a while – I just don’t know what has happened to all the time I used to have! 😉
    Glad to see you are well and spunky as usual!

  9. Lara, that’s me, too. I want it gone but can’t bear to part with it!
    Kevin, one can’t go wrong with the classic combo’s.
    Sher, so do I… grade school, actually. Sigh….
    JennDZ, time is ephemeral…and fleeting. If you figure out where it hides, please let me know!

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