Life is Different Here: French Weddings; and Big, Stuffed Burgers! — 11 Comments

  1. Sounds like you really have to be in shape to get married! A ‘wedding’ must take at least two days.
    The ‘burger’ sounds excellent makes me think of a flat meatloaf ;))

  2. I nearly cry when I read about the Snowwhite and 7 Dwarfs!!! You crack me up :D. What a funny post!!! It seems that the French know how to have fun on weddings! Hilarious!!!!
    I wish you luck in the house hunting. Here in Spain prices are going down, are you sure you don’t want to take a look? You would have tones of things to laugh at too!!! 😉

  3. Bonne chance on the house hunting front! Sounds like you will need it! Are you willing to give us a sketch of where in France you are hoping to relocate and what you are looking for?

  4. Seems like a much nicer way to get married than all the hullabaloo we do here.
    Nice burger.

  5. You had me smiling right up until the walking stick and snakes YIKES!!!!!
    Great looking burger though. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That’s very interesting about the wedding traditions over there. Sounds like a fun experience. Also, that’s a very (in a Samuel L Jackson voice) tasty burger!

  7. Tanna, one does have to have some stamina… But the 80 & 90 year olds were all dancing up a storm!
    Lydia, it was long… It was very quiet around here on Monday.
    Nuria, if only it were that easy. It’s a bit more challenging for us Americans to move around Europe.
    Zoomie, we are looking a bit further south in Aquataine.
    TBTAM, it’s much more relaxed… and NOT all about the bride!
    Ruth, but they’re not poisionous…. mostly…. That’s why the Wellies.
    Heidi, we’re closing in on one…
    Mike, I should have qualified all that with it being a country wedding – not city!
    Thanks, Orange Beach

  8. It is so intersting to hear about other wedding customs. I suppose that being invited to this and that no one is left out entirely. You can have the dinner and dance with only your closest friends and family. In the meantime I will have one of those giant stuffed burgers:D