Pasta Salad with Sausage and Chickpeas; Notes from “She who has been replaced”

The Daily News:

“She who gives cuddles and pets” has been summarily replaced by “He who gives toast and sandwich crusts” in the hearts of our devoted canines.  They never really bought into the whole diet routine I put them on…. Fat bitches!

Mon mari has gone from lounging in a hospital bed to rampaging about the countryside on his lawn tractor, giant weed whip and trailer in tow.  I have been summarily replaced on this front as well.  I think he’s better.

Now that the lawn has been beaten back into shape, the weeds whacked into submission and the hedge given a buzz cut, it’s time to turn our attention to finding a place to live or we will be homeless come the end of summer (assuming nothing happens to quash the sale in the next 7 days – cooling off period.  Six weeks to sign the compromis then 1 more to cool off…. We don’t want to rush into anything, now do we?)

Last night, sipping wine and feeling smug about all that’s been accomplished in the past few days, reality hit and panic set in.

We called the ‘Pension Canine’ and, not only do they have two doggie rooms available, they asked me to tell the girls that the doggie swimming pool was filled and ready for them.  (In winter they have heated floors in the bedroom of their 2-room suites, the other room being a covered terrace.)  Such deprivations our dogs suffer when we leave them!

I managed to find adequate, but probably not as nice, accommodation for us, so we are off, prior to the crack of dawn tomorrow, for 2 days of intensive house-hunting.  In case you missed my opinion of these early risings…. Larks v OwlsPresto pasta nights

Realtors don’t work weekends here… People can’t be bothered to show their houses then.

Before we left I wanted to be sure to get my Pasta Post done.

Presto Pasta Nights, started by  Ruth, of Once Upon a Feast is being guest-hosted, for the first time this week.

I didn’t want to miss Keven’s, of Closet Cooking, debut.  Be sure to visit his blog on Friday to see all of the wonderful pastas from around the world!

As to the pasta… I’ve been on a bit of a feta kick lately…

What can I say?

The recipe, Pasta Salad with Sausage and Chickpeas, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Pasta Salad with Sausage and Chickpeas.

Now I’m going to go panic some more.
“She who works well under pressure”  Or better start!!!!!

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15 thoughts on “Pasta Salad with Sausage and Chickpeas; Notes from “She who has been replaced””

  1. That is seriously beautiful colorful pasta Katie dear.
    Just so terrible you’ve lost your lawn job only to have it replaced with househunting. I’m wishing you wonderful fast success!
    Hug that returning to the job Mon mari and have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Bonne chance on the house hunt! I think the dogs will have far more fun than you will but perhaps the perfect place is just waiting for you to show up!

  3. That pasta looks like a hearty and tasty meal. Feta is one of my favorite cheeses recently as well and I have been using it on salads and in pastas. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights!

  4. Hola Katie! Wow, I’ve been missing all your missadventures… I’m so sorry to hear that you have to leave your country house. ON the other hand, so happy to see that ton marie is doing fine 😀
    I’ve got lots of older posts to read.
    Maybe it’s your opportunity to move to Spain?!?!?!

  5. Your pasta dishes always have such color and flair and this one looks as good as ever. Hopefully all this house-hunting and general stress comes to an end soon–sounds like you’re ready for some R&R!

  6. Are you moving closer to me?? oh please?? Realtors drive me nuts here. Can I see this place, yeh, how about next week, cant i see it tomorrow, no how about next Friday. grrrrr. Glad that you DH is better and as always your pasta is mouthwatering.

  7. Tanna, not only has mon mari taken over lawn duties…He did it just as the lawn went in to summer dormancy….Smart man!
    Zoomie, I hope it’s waiting… and not hiding!
    Kevin, great minds think alike – regarding the feta. Look forward to your roundup!
    Nuria, I’d love to move to Spain… But, it’s that pesky health care bit. As Americans it’s not as easy for us to move around!
    Thanks, George, and thanks for commenting ;-))
    Mike, thanks, I do like colorful food. And I managed to squeeze in some foie gras on this trip….
    Riana, yeah, we are moving south… but not as far south as you… Definitely closer!
    Lydia, I used to love to look at houses when we didn’t need to buy… This is just stressful… but, who am I kidding, still fun!
    Jann, summer is here, finally… time for picnics is right!
    Meredith, we are slowly drifting south… But not into the real heat! We’ll ‘cut the difference’
    Susan, it’s waiting for you…esp. if you come to help pack!
    Thanks, Maybelles Mom… As I said, I like color..Plus it’s healthy!
    Colleen, thanks… We need it, I think!

  8. Wonderful dish – no surprise there! I always love everything you make.
    Good luck with the house hunting and hope to see you back at Presto Pasta Night soon…like next week perhaps?

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