Pasta with Fresh Avocado Sauce; Must Adjust Marriage…. Life it Still different — 13 Comments

  1. Hola Katie! The laws give me headaches! However, I know that here in Catalonia things are different from the rest of the State… don’t ask me what… just know there’s some differences… whenever I find myself in a law’s mess I’ll let you know, meanwhile, don’t want to bother about it! Good luck in your hunting!
    This salad (It looks like a salad to me), is perfect for the summer: so fresh, nearly no cooking involved, delicious… plus there’s avocado in it… what else could I ask for?

  2. My sister-in-law owns a house in the south, an hour or so from Toulouse, and her land includes eight different parcels, some no more than a stone or two. Now I understand how that happens!

  3. Katie, Greece’s laws are riddled with the touch of French lawmakers and the bureaucracy is one of the best (worst for a citizen).
    A pasta with an avocado sauce sounds like a good topic to chat about while in the line-up, non?

  4. ugh how are you 600 poorer? I know I shouldn’t ask.
    Movers! That must mean there’s a house!! I found wonderful plans for an outdoor bread oven if you want a project;))
    Salad/sauce looks yummy!

  5. Whew, I’m relieved to hear you are now in the second category of marriage! But sad that the girls can’t inherit!

  6. I love how you have to pay to make changes to something they decided in the first place. Double ugh!

  7. This is very unique and different! Thanks for entering it into this week’s Presto Pasta Nights! 🙂

  8. Nuria, they can be so complicated and so not suited to our world today!
    Lydia, that’s exactly how it happens!
    Peter, paperwork is alive an well in France… by the ton!
    Tanna, the cost of the Notaire changing our ‘marriage regime’… Always a price!
    Zoomie, they were quite put out about the whole thing. I promised them extra pig ears.
    Heidi, they have the bureaucracy down to a fine science.
    Hillary, you are so welcome… and thanks for hosting!

  9. What about friends across the Pond? Great post, as usual. And lovely pasta (I won’t call it salad so as not to confuse ton mari)
    Thanks so much for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  10. Sher, it’s a lot more interesting if you don’t have to figure out how to work with it…Nothing is straightforward!
    Nice try, Val… How about: I’ll give you mine if you give me yours?
    I repeat: Nice try, Ruth….
    Pam, so do I….usually!