Quinoa Pilaf and Lentil Salad; House Hunting Hints — 22 Comments

  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ve found a house that’s “the one.” Your comparisons are hilarious. Yes, we are quite spoiled in America, it seems. Imagine wanting closets and cupboards.
    Love the sound of a salad with quinoa and lentils, just brilliant!

  2. No closets, anywhere? Well, I guess I can cross France off the list. 😉 My husband and I are currently looking to buy a place in San Diego. I feel your pain. Though it sounds like your pain may be over? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, my dear!

  3. As always, I chuckled my way through this one, then laughed out loud at the final admonition, “be prepared to back out fast!” 🙂 Hope the one you found is a success!

  4. How exciting that you may found THE house. How’s the breadoven 🙂 ?
    (Don’t know how you manage to cook at all!)

  5. ok I was on vacation and I have gone back but for the life of me I can’t find the post that says why you are moving…please enlightne me cause you put the pretty pink shower in and ordered those tiles…after August and such.

  6. Oh Katie, I was laughing so Gorn had to have me read this to him. Wonderful fun . . . well maybe if you really have found a place. Then the real fun begins. Does it have a kitchen or just a bread oven!;)) Hope it works well for you!!

  7. You make me laugh everytime! There are so many similarities in Holland. Of course there are no closets! Of course you better frown at estate agents pics…and their lingo? A lesson in creativity with words…

  8. Oh, I so hope you’ve found your new home! Loved that post…no closets? Where do you hide clutter? 🙂
    The quinoa looks marvelous!

  9. LOVE the househunting tips … and the two-step quinoa – I love making too much specially so that you can use the leftovers for the next meal
    Hope the housebuying goes well – look forward to hearing about it

  10. Jessica….Try it – you’ll like it!
    Kalyn, really! Closets AND cupboards????
    Lydia, somehow I think the stories may just be beginning. Did I mention that bats are a protected species here?
    Susan, that’s why armoire’s were invented… No closets – anywhere! Good luck on your own effort – and cherish the closets…
    Zoomie, I had been standing right next to a big hole in the floor… A deep hole!
    Lien, no kitchen…inside or outside. No bread oven.
    Shayne, simple reason – we sold our house. Why did we sell? Complicated reason that I never really explained… maybe I will, now…
    Tanna, it has 4 square rooms that are totally empty except for the fireplaces.
    Baking Soda, yes, they totally redefine the term ‘charming’.
    Sher, one doesn’t have it…. Thus the car boot/garage sale coming up. There are normally not basements or garages either.
    Joanna, I’m not certain if I’m excited or terrified!

  11. I can’t imagine not having closets! Good luck hunting katie and your dish looks very good.

  12. The quinoa and lentil pilaf looks right up my alley. We have been loving up quinoa in our house (well, two of us have anyway) and this one looks like it would be a winner.

  13. Simona, thanks…I think we’ve done it! (touch wood)
    Sue, It’s not easy, but this will be the third time. Thankfully, mon mari always builds me some ;-))
    Kate, we both love quinoa… one of us more than the other – but he’s learning!

  14. Christine, you really should try it…
    Sue, thanks, I checked it out… Hayseed, indeed!

  15. This reminds me — I’m out of quinoa. Never tried it as a pilaf and the recipe looks delicious.