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Salad with Grilled Turkey, Beans and Feta; More French Misunderstandings — 19 Comments

  1. Katie, I’m so glad the surgery went well. Even if you are mowing for another month, it will be wonderful to have him home. And congrats on your Typepad honor — you soooooo deserve it!

  2. hhahaahaaaaa this is a brilliant story! 😀 it really made me laugh out loud.
    I love the bit about the ‘sleep doctor’ who speaks English, but not American. grin-grin

  3. Hope hubbie has a speedy recovery and that there is no more talking to any medical staff in French or otherwise for a long…long time….Maybe copious amounts of turkey and veggie salad are just the ticket:D

  4. Glad to hear that the surgery went okay, and congrats on being blog of the day – very cool!

  5. Katie, what a brillant story. I had to read it to my husband, I just hope he understood through my giggling. Great looking salad too!! Glad all went well and your husband will be home soon.

  6. I hope the surgery/recovery continues to be uneventful and a thing of the past. Also, a big congrats on the recognition from Typepad–that’s awesome!

  7. Whew, that’s a relief! Both the surgery and the rain! Enjoy those two glasses of wine – you deserve them! Maybe once the lawn dries you could hitch those two big doggies to a mower and get them to do the work? 🙂

  8. Language is such a beautiful thing . . . when we understand . . . makes you really appreciate the tower of babel!
    Rain . . . nature grants us such lovely favors ;)) 2 days off those 4 weeks toward giving up the mowing duties . . . the very bright side of life!
    Salad looks grand!
    And congrats on the award!!!

  9. Lydia, thanks on all counts ;-)) I am rather getting in to this lawn mowing thing… I like the little puch mower (Izy)…not so crazy about the big riding one!
    Maninas, I rather liked that myself… It’s not the first time I’ve heard the 2 languages referred to like that.. Hedge trimming for one… Though, not the first that came to mind ;-))
    Val, just as soon as they let hime eat veggies again…
    Thanks, Kalyn, and good timing for my mental state as well!
    Pat, glad I gave you a giggle! Yeah, it will be soon, I think!
    Thanks, Mike… I was pretty excited!
    Heidi, you have no idea how good it tasted!
    Zoomie, I’ve been trying to teach them….useless dogs… But I sure have been glad of their company these last few weeks
    Tanna, it’s always a challenge…and usually funny, especially after the lightbulb goes off. It makes me appreciate some of the stupid expressions I use…
    And thanks!!

  10. oh boy, shall I cancel my doctor appointment? I don’t think I can handle that 🙂
    Hope your mon mari have a speedy recovery.

  11. I’m happy to hear that the surgery went well! Hope he’s back home mowing in no time.
    He’s probably missing your fabulous food too! The hospital food here leaves something to be desired, but at least you get wine with it.

  12. My Dear Woman, I think you are already looking about on the sleep doctor conversation with good humor! Good job to you and ton mari for doing very well in the hospital. Also, CONGRATS on being the feature blog! Ya know, your blog is always the big feature in my home!

  13. Ah les Français! Katie this is a great story of “Allo, Allo” qualities.
    Noo, ze sleeping docteurrr..
    Raise your glass to a speedy recovery, congrats with all!

  14. Gattina, it’s getting better, and he should be home soon!
    Loulou, the hospital food improved vastly after the surgery!
    Thansk, W.C.
    Lannae, thank you… that’s sweet!
    Baking Soda, and it’s ever so mucvh funnier the next day…

  15. Congrats on being blog of the day. Well deserved. I love your posts…when I’m not cringing from the snake story, that is.
    And you had me laughing my ass off with the miscommunication story! Thanks for sharing.
    And I do hope votre mari’s recovery is going smoothly…get him back on snake duty!

  16. Ruth, he’s home tomorrow… I should have him on the lawnmower by noon!
    I can deal with snakes…it’s spiders that do me in!