Smoked Salmon, Salmon Salad; Quest for a Wine Barrel — 11 Comments

  1. Katie, on my 1st visit to Paris, I was walking in the wrong direction (towards La Defense), when I was supposed to go in the opposite direction. A helpful Monsieur aided me with my broken French and his broken English…try & speak French and you’ll get a warm reception I tell others.
    Telling you that you’re the best cook, wife, businesswoman, blogging raconteur – might even get me a filet of that smoked salmon?

  2. Funny story. I’ve had “overly helpful” people in the U.S. too. The salmon looks delicious!

  3. I have to say I was frustrated by the time I was half way through the story I guess you only do things on that side of the pond if your really serious. I too have found that a simple task in Europe can end up being more involved then it needs to be.
    ok I am going to tell a story here just a warning. in the summer of 2006 I spent 9 weeks in Belgrade Serbia with my, at the time, 9 month old son and 2 1/2 year old daughter and out big double stroller. I wanted to take the kids to the river on beach (Ada) on the Sava River. all I had to do was call a taxi (that could hold us and the stroller, not an easy task) but I guess that I was not smart enough or crafty enough to handle organizing a taxi so my MIL arraigned her work schedule so that she could take us to the beach by taxi and then had arraigned her sisters schedule so that she could come and pick us up several hours later by taxi. There was a taxi stand right at the beach and I had the address of both places. Needless to say I was so stressed about the whole situation that I did not relax the entire day. I am supposed to be grateful for the “help” but it just makes you feel incompetent and dependent. Oh yes by the way I am a control freak
    ok story over.

  4. Sounds like you made some great friends that day and the French will be thinking, “Huh, I guess there are some nice Americans in the world, after all!” 🙂

  5. When I first planted lemon thyme in my herb garden, I didn’t have any idea what to do with it. Turns out it is such a perfect companion to fish of all kinds — especially salmon. Love these recipes.

  6. Here I write a post on the need to curb our appetite for salmon and you post two FABULOUS salmon recipes. Are you trying to make it harder? 😉 Your story cracked me up . . . so very, very French in the most adorable way.

  7. Peter, that and your address… But I bet it doesn’t get past the customs guys… You’ll have to settle for my appreciation of your kind words ;-))
    Kalyn, one has to be appreciative, but sometimes it really can be too much!
    Shayne, being a control freak myself I totally understand – just let me DO it! Sometimes, concerned people….
    Zoomie, one can only hope…. We do always tell people that we are American (they like us better than les anglais…)
    Lydia, I love stuffing a whole fish with lemon thyme and grilling it.
    Tanna, it’s always available and always good… Plus, mon mari, the fish-hater, will eat it!
    Susan, I’ll tell mon mari, grill-master!
    Swirlingnotions….sorry, but see above! I want fish and salmon is all he’ll eat! (Except for sushi)

  8. That story is hilarious–you could write a book of these French misadventures. As for the salmon, it looks very tasty!