Beetroot and Chevre Salad; the Vide Grenier — 21 Comments

  1. Is it something that would hold a commode? Definitely not something used to cook beets! I too love the precooked beets that I can find in my supermarkets now — though nothing compares to the taste of fresh beets, roasted on the grill, the precooked ones are great for a quick weeknight salad.

  2. The beets are fab…I just love beets (second to potatoes of course as my favourite). The gadget is an an antique version of a port ‘o’ pottie:D

  3. Sorry, everyone… but it has nothing to do with chamber pots or toilets…
    Here’s another clue: Every family would have one if they could (IMHO)
    Pille – you have me hooked on beets.
    Lydia, you can get pre-cooked ones too?!?
    Now if only I could get fresh!
    Val, I’m rapidly becoming a big fan!

  4. I’m guessing that this is a stanchion for milk goats – put their head in while you milk them so they can’t get loose and kick you! 🙂
    I’m not a huge fan of beets, but I did pickle some a few years back. With goat cheese – maybe?!

  5. One of my favourite combos Katie. But actually I could eat beetroot with anything. It is almost all I ate when pregnant.

  6. My guess is that this is an herb stand. You can put pots of different herbs and hold them in the stand which you can keep right outside your kitchen door.

  7. Sorry, Angie and Tanna: not for brollies or boots.
    Shayne and Tammy – good guess, but it has nothing to do with milking any animal.
    African Vanielje, I had a cousin that livbed on radishes… I think I’d prefer beetroot!
    Ana, nice guess – and thanks for playing… But, No, not an herb stand.
    Christing, the salad was good… Not even a wild guess?

  8. I have no idea what your (lovely) contraption might be – I still think it has to be related to a commode 🙂 But I can tell you that your salad is wonderfully tasty! I made it just the other night with a roasted chicken and it was perfect – used a goat feta because I didn’t have just normal chevre but it was still delish! It IS odd what possessions we have that other people will buy – and the difference between what it meant to us, and what they think it means!

  9. oh man and I love william sonoma cookbooks too…..hummmmm a bike stand, I have no clue but i can guess.
    I think it is supposed to stand on its end and maybe there is something missing that we don’t see….yes I am fishing

  10. OK – I’m trying again! (Is that allowed?) The other thing that came to my mind was the stocks. You know… someone is in trouble, so you put them in the stocks for a length of time as punishment… It looks like the piece on top opens so you can put someone’s head in there!

  11. A guillotine?
    I just came across your blog looking for some easy cooking tips for my Dad. Looks good so far.

  12. No idea what this is….but I do know that this salad is fabulous! Beets & Goat cheese? A match made in heaven!

  13. Michelle, goat feta? Sounds yummy, I only get sheep….
    Shayne… um, no.
    Tammy, you’re in the right era, wrong use, tho.
    Thanks, Betsy, and, same principle but no blade… You’ll cringe when you find out why.
    Zoomie, tomorrow!
    Chris, for me, anything with goat cheese…