Brined and Grilled Cornish Hens; The Weekly Menu Plan — 4 Comments

  1. Packing is always a nuisance, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to offload some things you’re no longer using, and not to carry those things from home to home. I remember finding cartons of books in our cellar that we’d packed and moved with us 10 years earlier. Should have sold them or donated to the town library.

  2. That’s a fine brine mixture, I always brine turkey, I’ll try out regular fowl.
    I’m impressed by your multi-tasking abilities of going through a move and blogging…I bow.

  3. Packing…ugh. my mom and I were just talking about the # of times we have both moved. Ugh.
    I have bookmarked this since the time I made a Cornish hen, it was a bit cornishy….(I just made up a word…ha!).

  4. Lydia, I know it’s a great opportunity…If only I could convince myself to take advantage!
    Peter, and I have never brined a turkey! I could brine one and then smoke it…. Of course, I can’t get one in the summer – not turkey season here!
    Chris, does that mean you’re not coming over to help?