Chickpea Patties; For Sher — 20 Comments

  1. Kathy, wat a great way to make Sher’s tribute : making a dish that is a mix of both of you. Couldn’t be better !

  2. what a wonderful post for sweet Sher!
    I too had my problems to find “the recipe” to honor her…

  3. Thanks, Monique!
    Lydia, yes, she will be…
    Michelle, they were…. She came up with a great recipe.
    Thanks, Sara.
    Sammawow, thanks… I never would have thought of them with Sher!

  4. These sound and look fabulous! What a nice tribute to a friend – to have her live on through her recipes in our kitchens.

  5. Chickpeas were one of the things that always made me think of Sher. I think she would have loved knowing that so many people are writing tributes to her.

  6. Thanks, everyone! There are a lot of lovely memories to Sher out there…. I hope she is enjoying each and every one as much as I have… (probably more)

  7. Hi KZ, thank you for picking chickpea patties, they do look delicious! I am going to miss Sher too. She had such a nice way about her blog, kind of like a chat with an old friend. My cat is going to miss Sher and Laura kitty too. is my cat’s blog and my cat picked Sher’s sardine recipe.

  8. Lannae, I didn’t know you had a kitty blog! I’ll be over to check it out… How could I miss that?!

  9. Katie–I totally agree. Sher knew the real essence of how recipes change and evolve to service us how me need them. It’s part of the joy of cooking. Thank you for sharing your memorial of her with us.