Creamy Cucumber Salad; Free Cars! — 10 Comments

  1. The only reason why I don’t drive an automatic car is because it’s more expensive!

  2. Mmm, I LOVE cucumber salad! And I love chives too, so this is right up my alley. Salting and pressing the cucumbers is definitely the most important step, I was in a rush once and just sliced cucumbers and mixed them with dressing and it was not remotely the same. Personally, I like large quantities of dill with my cucumber salad, but I’ve never tried putting chives in so maybe next time I’ll use a combination!

  3. Joanna, I often add dill, as well… But I don’t have any this year… Bad gardener!
    Ulrike, I hate it that they are so expensive here, and I don’t understand why more people don’t want them… After sitting in stop and go traffic on a hill for an hour….

  4. Katie, I don’t have any dill this year, either. What’s up with that? My three dill plants are all in the failure-to-thrive category this summer. But I’ve got lots of chives, and cucumbers from the farm stand.

  5. I love summer salads too. Never thought of chives in this type of salad. Lately I am loving my chives in everything!

  6. The cucumbers are coming in with a vengence at our farmers market. I like to make cucumber yogurt soup with them.
    Do you have an update on your moving plans? The new house?
    And, truly, I did think about some kind of “person detainer” when I saw your baby minder – just not it being a baby minder. It reminded me of the Puritan stocks. Really, I did think that. 😉

  7. Katie: There is a second reason: I get so more practice in using a H-gear-change, so I am well prepared to rescue an “Edward Lewis” (Richard Gere) with his automatic problems 🙂

  8. When I was in Greece I rented a car on the island of Naxos. They brought me a standard which I had to send back because I couldn’t drive it…I know, I know…but I never learnt and here in Canada it is the norm. Coincidentally while I was waiting for a new automatic (semi automatic) car to be delivered I had a cucumber salad and some pita bread for lunch.

  9. Lydia, I am totally frustrated with everything in my garden this year… could be ’cause I’m leaving it, though…
    Kalyn, it’s the only herb my mother ever used, so it always goes into the ‘old-fashioned’ dishes.
    Christine, we’re still waiting for the papers. If we ever get them signed I’ll do photos.
    Ulrike… I’ll help with that rescue… Really, I will…
    Val, and we had a young lad parking our automatic in Spain once, and he couln’t figure out how to ‘make it go’ hahaha!

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