Pasta Tonnato; French Medical Modesty…. haha — 11 Comments

  1. Sounds good! The pasta I mean and not the health stuff. I hate hospitals of any kind.

  2. I hope you’ll forgive me, but when you said “Mon Mari is fixed,” the first thing I thought of is, well, male dogs and the infamous vet visit. I’m sure glad that your mari wasn’t fixed that way!
    Oh, and that’s too funny about your husband’s sexy male roommate… I’m just glad you accidentally walked in BEFORE the girlfriend arrived!

  3. It’s no fun to be in a Hospital. No fun to be sick, no fun to wear that horrible green dress completely opened in the back part…
    I wish your mari is fixed and fine 😀
    Another wonderful and different pasta dish, one never ends learning different combos at your place!!!

  4. Hope mon mari is feeling better! – that tonnato sauce looks just divine!

  5. This is an interesting post for me. You see, in a previous life, I was a nurse. That was actually my very first career. My first position was in a hospital in Milan and there, about once a month, I would have vitello tonnato (veal with tonnato sauce), a dish I loved. Your post, talking about hospitals and tonnato sauce, was a perfect reminder of those times. The rooms had two beds, no screen between them, but we never had co-ed situations. The doors were managed by the patients. And I prefer being the owner of my medical records.

  6. Sue, I have to admit we are both very sick of them, ourselves… The hospitals, that is!
    Neen, me too, although she did stay most of the morning… After mon mari got back it was, um, interesting…
    Nuria, I forgot about that, they didn’t supply the gowns and towels either – so no ugly green backless ones.
    Thanks, L, I’ll pass on another summer like this one!
    Jenn, yes, he is feeling much better… and not at all jealous that I ate all the tonnato sauce…
    I rather like having my own medical records, also. At least I no longer have to fight with the doctor to get them like I did in the U.S.!

  7. Interesting the difference in philosophy between American and French medicine. The flu shot rigmarole doesn’t sound convenient but I like the part about keeping your own medical records. And opposite sex roommates? That’s different!
    Hope Mr. TfC is feeling better.

  8. Wow – that’s really interesting! I had no idea of the differences in Health Care, though I’d rather some of the things going on there than here (but not all!!). I love fixing things we either can’t afford for 2 or that LB doesn’t like when I get a dinner to myself – yours looks fabulous!

  9. That’s quite a complicated way dealing with the med people. Nevertheless, hope all is well. The pasta dish looks easy to make. I’ve got capers and anchovies as gifts (not commonly used here in the Philippines) so this seems like a good way to eat them. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  10. Julie, definitely nice to be in charge of your own records… but some things…
    michelle, a bit of good, a bit not so fun… we adjust!
    Hope you like it, scientist ‘-))