Polenta Salad; It’s a Toddler Tender! and The Weekly Menu — 19 Comments

  1. I would never have guessed but it’s pretty ingenious. Love the polenta salad. If I get up in time to visit the market in the morning for olives we might just be having this for lunch.

  2. well I have two little ones and I would have never gotten that. Maybe because I don’t have fireplace plus there is no way that my 2 year old would have ever stayed in that.

  3. Well, I never would have guessed you would stick a kid in that torture-looking device!! Crazy! I never would have thought of putting polenta in a panzanella either, but that sounds like a much better idea!! well, if you really need ideas…you could just send me your cookbook if you’d like 😉

  4. Since it is a Williams-Sonoma cookbook, you could do a recipe (with pictures) contest using a Williams-Sonoma food product. I was just at their store this week and was ogling all the spice mixes (coffee and spice rub..yum!), different sea salts (pink!!), unique oils and vinegars… Or, maybe a recipe using one of their more bizarre cooking gadgets.
    Will have to try the salad..think there is a box of polenta in the pantry somewhere. Looks like a good combination of textures.
    As for the baby dungeon, that may be very handy for my cats when I am trying to clean 😉

  5. I thought you were kidding about that.. child restraint / torture device looking thing.
    ANyway, thanks for this summer salad recipe.

  6. african vanielje, I thought it was very ingenious… and practical, for the times!
    Shayne, maybe they had locks…. Think of it like one of those jumper swings….
    Michelle, kept the little ones out of trouble… I’ll think on it ;-))
    Jerry, thanks… Raid the fridge works again
    Cymry, Long time since I’ve been in a Williams Sonoma store… sigh…
    Jude, I think it looks worse than it was… think of how awful a playpen would look to someone unfamiliar…

  7. I couldn’t get past the idea that it looked like a fancy flower pot holder! This salad looks great! I was just thinking this morning that I needed to start gathering some good salad recipes for when school starts back (for lunch).

  8. Katie that makes perfect sense and now I’m sure I saw one of these in a museum in Paris when we were there last. Totally missed that one but I won’t miss out on this salad. That is one of my very favorite things to do with polenta!

  9. Pam, flower pots…. Could be a ‘new’ use for it!
    Tanna, great minds….
    Zoomie, right, considering how small houses were.., actually, still are!

  10. I would never, ever have guessed that as being some sort of toddler-restraining device. I guess kids weren’t too smart in the 1600s… I can’t picture my little monster staying in that for very long!

  11. Katie, any way to keep the polenta from falling apart when frying it? The salad was out of this world anyway, I guess it didn’t matter that the polenta looked like a mess that I had to scrape off the pan… I followed your instructions to the dot. The same thing happened to me with the previous polenta recipe. That one was grilled, boy what a mess that made (the little pie shaped pieces just melted and fell into the grill – so the fire ate it, not us)! 🙂

  12. Susan, one never knows – they could be hot sellers ;-))
    Liliana, sorry about that. The polenta needs to be really stiff, and different brands may be, well, different! Try adding another tsp or 2 of polenta… and be sure to use a nonstick skillet. But thanks for the info and I’ll add some tips to the recipes!

  13. I love the polenta cooked that way. With the addition of lots of herbs it makes great sticks dipped in maybe your alloli!!! or any garlic mayonnaise. Perfect with pre dinner drinks.

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