Presto Pasta Nights; # 73: The Round-up! — 18 Comments

  1. Great Roundup Katie! I would usually say Eggplant but got carried away and called it Brinjal like how its called over here. But I never figured out why Aubergine, Eggplant and Brinjal all refer to the same thing!! 🙂

  2. What a roundup! All those pasta dishes look delicious. Next year my daughter who isn’t so pasta-crazy will be going to school in the USA, so I’ll have to indulge more!
    I love your new photo! Very glamorous!

  3. What a fabulous roundup! Thanks for the brilliant hosting…and next week I hope to see you back at Presto Pasta Nights at my place.

  4. This is a great roundup and lots of great entries here….as I scratch my head trying to plan what to cook this coming week.

  5. Katie, you did a great job guest hosting! Everyone’s dishes look delicious as usual. I love how many there are to choose from each week!

  6. So delicious all these recipes – if I close my eyes I can almost taste them all. A very very nice PPN. Thanks for my inclusion with your esteemed bloggers.

  7. Wow! I won’t need any new pasta recipes for quite a while. These all look luscious!

  8. Fantastic job hosting this week Katie! Thanks for squeezing me in there under the wire. I’ve got some great ideas now for using pasta and staying on the pantry plan!

  9. Generally, I don’t eat much pasta but this round-up with all those beautiful photos – I feel a pasta dish coming on! Great round up, Katie. And I love your photo!

  10. Dharm, eggplant is the most puzzling to me… but it can be a challenge naming all the veg right – for everyone.
    Betty, school in the U.S.?? That will be a big change!
    Thanks, Ruth.
    Mike, well, maybe you can find something… if it’s not too hot (weather, that is)
    Hillary, Kithenetta and Virginia:
    Breadchick – we aim to please…
    Lulu, Libby and Kevin: thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Christine. I normally eat more than I should… and this didn’t help! Back to the gym…sigh…

  11. Hi Katie
    Great roundup with your humorous comments. How can we ever eat all that pasta. Some great ideas. Thank you everyone as well.