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Aioli or Allioli; Festa Major — 20 Comments

  1. Wow, I totally learned something new about aioli. So you mean to tell me the stuff I have in my fridge that I made with eggs and vinegar and garlic and lemon juice is not the real deal???? I am so disillusioned! I am making your version next time. I need the tears! 🙂

  2. Grilled/roasted potatoes are one of my favorite ways to enjoy them, but I’ve never made an allioli before…from the sound of it though, it ought to be amazing. I have to try that this weekend so I can have a day or two to lose the garlic breath, but man that looks so good!

  3. JennDZ, yours would be like the French aioli… nice, but without the kick!
    Mike, if you love garlic….but share with everyone else in the house…

  4. That last picture has me sold. Looks like heaven on potatoes! The Spanish sure do know how to party. I remember a festival in some little white hill town that started at 11pm and I know I was wiped out far before any of the older people dancing and singing there! But it’s one of my fondest memories of my trip there!

  5. I simply love a good aioli. When I worked for a french bakery, they served a turkey sandwich on walnut wheat bread with the most killer aioli. I used to scoop a dish of that pungent stuff, put a baguette on the oven floor to warm and then take it to my desk for lunch. I don’t miss the job, but man alive, do I miss ‘all the free bread you can eat’ perk.
    That breathy deal tho……;-)

  6. I would love that allioli! Would the festa mejor be anything like the Fete votive in provence?

  7. You didn’t loose your purpose at all darling!!! That last phrase saying that the dogs left the room cracked me up!!!!
    What do I have to say? First: take some days off and come over to Barcelona… you will be my superspecial guest, I’ll take you around and we can make some allioli together or even a Paella! Second: I always add an egg yolk… the texture is better (for me), but you are completely right allioli only has all (garlic) and oli (oil) and a bit of salt. And third, just a small thing… it’s Festa Major. To see the FESTA MAJOR in capital letters you should go to La Patum de Berga… the best of all!!!
    Thanks for the mention sweetie and sorry for being so late!

  8. Michelle, so many of the ‘good’ parties don’t even start until well after midnight.
    Lydia, my pores ooze a lot in summer…. Best to keep a distance ;-))
    Kate, free bread in a French bakery? Oh my……
    Tigerfish, it’s small, but powerful.
    Popp Fields, I don’t know… I do know that there aren’t many festivals of any kind up here in the Vendee!
    Nuria, Damn!!!! I didn’t think it looked right, but I had already packed my Catalan dictionary… I found that spelling on the internet…. Next time I go with my instinct. Paella…. You may have guests…. Yum!!! (I saw your post….)

  9. Susan, try it with French Fries – you’ll never go back to boring old ketchup!

  10. The festa sounds amazing and you are so lucky to have experienced it. The allioli looks fab too, for the un faint of heart and un K9

  11. my mortar and pestle is on my counter all the time, I use it often and this looks great I need a way to use up that gallon of mayo that i mentioned back 5 months ago.

  12. I do love your stories Katie, I am transformed to Spain and I can taste those chips. All without the smell…but I will make the alloli one day…probably good with Sangria don’t you think?

  13. african vanielje, all of the festas in that part of the world are great! I miss the fun!
    Shayne…a gallon!!!! That’s a lot of egg salad!
    Gilli, perfect with Sangria. Lots of Sangria!

  14. Aha. Better late than never. Here I thought (until now) that the only real need for aioli was for Provençal-style Fish Soup. Clearly, I was mistaken. We neeeeeeeed to try this.

    • Excuse me for replying to myself. We tried this last night.

      It. Was. Fabulous.

      The photos are still in the camera, but I’ll try to remember to post about it on my blog. I’ll be sure to link to this page. (Wow, that really was delicious! Hahahahaha, we brushed our teeth twice last night too but I bet the whole neighbourhood can smell the garlic still oozing out of us.)