Steak Caesar Pasta Salad; Com’on, have a guess!!!! — 17 Comments

  1. Obviously it holds something round, at least in one dimension, and multiples of the same, since it is meant to expand along the wooden track there. So I’m think maybe a holder for lawn bowling pins or croquet supplies.

  2. Honestly, I do love that people in your area take the time to interact — it is a lost art here, where we are always rushing. Love the Caesar pasta salad — combines a bunch of things I love into one dish. Yum.

  3. my 4 year old daughter, Zora thinks that it is a door, a bathtub or a gate and then she aked what is made out of wood and i said lots of things and she said what is made out of wood that looks like that. she is funny.

  4. or she said it is a funky thing you put plants in…her words not mine
    my new guess is a thing to hold the dog while you give him a bath.

  5. Lydia, I really do like the slow pace… but, sometimes….
    Chris, try it with whole grain pasta – if that makes you feel healthier…. hahaha
    Shayne, sorry, both you and Zora are wrong…. And it’s very old – I don’t think anyone bothered to bathe dogs then….
    TBTAM, well thought out guess….not right, though….

  6. Too funny mentioning the kisses. I remember on my trip to France to visit our friends, well they invited all of their friends to meet us, their friends, from America! I have never been kissed so much in my entire life! Too fun!
    Wow, Katie, that pasta dish is really a whole meal! Looks terrific!
    Does your item have to do with holding a bottle of wine…

  7. Is it a device for sieving or seperating something? God, I really don’t know!!! What were those people up to?

  8. Is it used to hold casks, canister, or barrels, like for wine, beer, milk, or water? What about a log holder?

  9. Love the salad, love the kisses…not so sure of the baby tender, which looks like a little bit of torture.
    Thanks for getting us all thinking and all hungry too! And thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  10. So is it just the region of France that determines the kisses? We have two French scientists here and one of them kisses 2 times, one of them 3 – I’ve been wondering about this and have to keep them straight so I don’t do the wrong number with the wrong person!!

  11. Deb, it does take awhile to get used to… and to remember!
    Neil, just keeping the family in line!
    Tanna, me neither…
    Kevin, I assume you mean the salad…
    Cadence, wine barrels would be good!
    Anh, it does seem to be kind of a ‘guy’ dish… Must be the anchovies.
    Pat, goat milking… then goat cheese… Hmmmm
    Ruth, a lot of the old stuff looks rather, er, painful, doesn’t it?
    Michelle, it’s definitly by region. Except, that some of the young people, only do 1 with their really close friends…