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Summer Couscous; The Glorious 12th! — 28 Comments

  1. Happy Happy Birthday! Here’s wishing you many more delicious years ahead 🙂 As for the Glorious 12th, I was sitting here thinking it was glorious because you’ve completed another 12 months since your last birthday – LOL! Who knew it had anything to do with hunting grouse?!

  2. A very happy birthday!!!
    My daughter Joanna was born on June 24th…in Montreal (and the rest of the province of Quebe) that’s St Jean Baptiste Day. When Joanna was little, my father told her that everything shut down to celebrate her birthday…and she believed it for years.
    Thanks for sharing the great couscous with Presto Pasta Night.

  3. Happy Birthday! I think it is good to have your birthday on a day that people won’t forget. Have a great celebration.

  4. Lydia, but which month???? And thank you!
    Ruth, and she was right! Belief is marvelous.. and Thank you!
    Joelen, actually, that should be enough… Thank you!
    Simona, It’s a great day – if you’re not a grouse… Thank you!
    Thanks, Zoomie, I have never forgotten about the grouse..
    Thank you, Pat!

  5. A Glorious Happy Birthday to you!!! That’s funny, we just had some winter couscous the other day, hit the spot too.

  6. Thanks so much, everybody…’-)))
    Shayne, I know a lot of Leo’s… 3 of my best friends have B-day’s within a few days of mine!

  7. Happy birthday! Your couscous looks lovely. Mine’s always sad and dry. By the way, your pasta with bacon and leeks is brilliant. Thanks!

  8. Thanks, Patsyk!
    Dee, I’ve been working on non-dry couscous!
    Glad you like the Bacon/Leek Pasta!!!!!
    Thanks, Sra!

  9. LOL – clearly self-confidence has never been your weak point!! And I love the couscous salad too – looks like what I had for lunch today!