Making Pickles: Grappling with Garden Glut! — 7 Comments

  1. These are great, Katie! I’ve never seen a jar-by-jar pickle recipe before. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making dill pickles, but never seem to get around to it. One jar I can do, and take it from there. Thanks!

  2. Katie – I need to echo Lulu’s sentiments. Standing in a hot kitchen canning jar after jar of pickles seems simply anti-intuitive in the heat of summer! But, I can handle one jar at a time.
    Thanks, too, for sharing your tried and true recipes!

  3. I never canned pickles, but I’ve made garlic-jalapeno pickles just buy heating the liquid mix and pouring it over the cucumbers in a tupperware container. 1 week later they are ready to be consumed!

  4. I want to have a glut of cucumbers in the garden! (Yes, that was typed in a whiny voice) Our peas and favas took over the garden so I got a late start on the summer stuff and NOTHING is ripe yet. (Sigh) These look marvelous . . . if and when my cucumbers show up around Christmas I’ll dig this back up . . . (Heavier sigh)

  5. An overnight pickle? Sign me up!
    I tried making dill pickles when I lived in New Mexico and had a big garden. I was never successful, but my method was different than this. Whatever recipe I used called for having the cukes sit in the brine for a while first and then they were canned. They always seemed to die before I got to canning them. I like this method better!

  6. Lo, and it’s perfect if you have your own garden, which, amazingly, doesn’t produce them all on the same day!
    Swirling notions, my cucumbers were a full month later than normal last year. Christmas could be nice. But be happy with the favas!
    Foodguy, Oooh, that sounds good! Posting the recipe?!?
    Toni, I’ve never tried the traditional brining method… for the reasons you said ;-))