Marinated, Stuffed Barbecued Pork; French Pizzas — 7 Comments

  1. Ahh that brings back memories. A friend visited with us from Germany one Summer and tried several of our famous PA pizzas — white pizza, red pizza, thin crust, skillet pizza, name it. So, when we went out for pizza with her a few months later in Germany, she warned us ahead of time that this was going to be a very different experience. That going out for pizza meant Italians, not Germans, would be baking it (I thought she was embellishing a bit with that comment) and that we would be served a one-person pizza, not something meant to be shared. Not to mention that forks were mandatory…this particular tidbit was something I was quite accustomed to already, having had to adapt to eating pizza with my hands when I moved to PA lol And, yes, the varieties are limitless! So, anyone heading to Germany, keep these things in mind when ordering pizza!

  2. Yes, Germans always eat nearly everything with cutlery ;-). They are always recognized by using fork and! knife 😉

  3. And I thought we dutch were weird… we kiss three times hello and goodbye (It used to be 2 long ago), and I think it’s just so overdone. But I’ll be still from now on, because I know it even can get worse…
    Those pizza’s sounds terrific, I love them waferthin and cruncy!

  4. Just what I wanted to say Lien, I tried single handedly to reverse the habit but it’s quite embarrassing to pull back and see someone literally kiss air…
    Cutlery yes… parental warning at our table: hey! have you changed nationalities? Use your knife! I want to see both hands above the table. Hehe..

  5. Now that is gourmet pizza..but if the personal pizza is the size of a dinner plate I would still be taking home a doggie bag. is that acceptable in France I wonder:D

  6. Tanna, it can get quite tiring at a large party – everyone has to be greeted!
    Cymry, I have even learned how to ear an orange with a knife and fork!
    Ulrike, as do the French and in Spain – see above about the oranges!
    Lien, two would be perfect! I think in Paris it’s two. It’s very regional here in France and I don’t know what our new area does. 4 is over the top!
    Baking Soda, and at my house is was ‘Get your left hand off the table!’ It was meant to stay in your lap unless being used to hold the knife, which was only used as a last resort.
    Val, but they’re thin and not heavy on the toppings… Really, (she says after just devouring one)