Mushrooms, Anyone? — 18 Comments

  1. You’re so lucky to have a lady on the corner who sells mushrooms! We have morels on our land, but I’m afraid to eat any of the other mushrooms because I just don’t know anything about them. And the few mushroom hunters I know are very secretive about where they forage!

  2. You’re so right, canned mushrooms are not worth the effort it takes to open the can. But fresh mushrooms,…..yes, definitely worth it! I love look of your recipes.

  3. The secret to enjoying canned mushrooms is not to think of them as mushrooms but as some other unnamed ingredient. If you think of them as mushrooms, they are revolting but if you can free your mind from that association, they aren’t bad. Having said that, I don’t think I’ve eaten canned mushrooms in 20 years!

  4. I fear there was I time I thought canned was ok. Now I can’t believe I ever considered them food.
    Both your green beans and rice have put mushrooms on my list today. Love mushrooms!!

  5. I’m going to rush and post – hopefully it will be in time. I know that now it is 12:45 salt lake city time. Love this recipe by the way. have loads of green beans. will get the mushroooms tomorrow and give it a go.

  6. I agree about the canned mushrooms. Have not bought them for years. Both these dishes sound great, but I especially love the sound of the green beans!

  7. Yes, you’re right about canned mushrooms. I believe they are one of the mainstays of the diet in Hell. They go perfectly with canned peas.
    All of your mushroom dishes look incredibly wonderful. Drat!! We don’t have any mushrooms in the house. (I should NEVER read your blog just before dinner.) Good thing we’re having grape pie to take away the sting of no mushrooms.

  8. I came back to read your post again as my first reading was made when I was very agitated about neary missing the WHB event. I have never seen mushrooms in cans. I cannot thing of a worst thing. I get my mushrooms with my weekly delivery of my vegetable basket – they are always freshly picked. I prepare them if not on the day, a day later, otherwise it tastes already a tad different. My dream is to pick fresh mushrooms in the wild. Perhaps i will have to plan it for next year. i love how in tour postings you explore different recipes. It is really lovely.

  9. I love how you call them “faux foods”! So true! Your beans and mushrooms with soy sauce looks out of this world!

  10. that post cracked me up. it was a great rant. true and humourous.
    i don’t like the slimy texture or metallic flavour of canned mushkies.
    but i love pickled or marinated mushrooms from jars. the glass just doesn’t infect the mushrooms the way tin does.

  11. Of course fresh mushrooms are the best!!! But what to do if these are not readily available? The canned ones often tastes bland and worse, metal! I have to confess though, that I sometimes use canned mushrooms, but not for their taste anymore but for “appearance”.

  12. Lydia, I would love to have morels… Yes, the mushroom hunters are very, very secretive!
    Lynn, and yet, the shelves are full of them!
    Zoomie, I was believing you, there for a minute… Until I saw the ’20 years’.
    Tanna, I always thought they were tasteless rubber… I wasn’t cool about mushrooms….
    Lots of time, Valentina… Hope you like the beans!
    Kalyn, they still seem to prevail on pizzas for some reason….
    Elizabeth, canned muswhooms with canned peas – mush meets rubber… Yikes! The thought!
    Ah, Valentina, lucky you!
    Marie, they can’t possibly pass for ‘real’ food!
    Anna, I’ve seen them pickled in jars… Can’t bring myself to buy them, though… I’ll taste them if someone else has them!
    Ning, I must admit, I’d rather do without… Or add them for appearance, than pick them out before eating – hahaha!

  13. I’d take dried over canned mushrooms everyday. Some things aren’t meant to be eaten after suspended animation.

  14. We really like dried mushrooms too. We get them in Chinatown (there is a HUGE array) and use dried Chinatown mushrooms to make mushroom risotto. (Also use them in Asian-style noodle soup)

  15. I’m with you about those disgusting canned mushrooms. I, too, am a lover of and only cook with fresh mushrooms or any fresh vegetable. I am anxious to try your recipes for the basmati rice and green beans with fresh mushrooms.
    They both sound incredibly delicious.