Mustard; Mustard Sauce; (not sex) — 15 Comments

  1. Thank you for posting! I had no idea that mustard didn’t need to be refrigerated. The chive yogurt blend looks delicious, I cant wait to try it.

  2. Hey that sauce looks so professional! I saw the picture & thought the recipe would be so tough to get that texture….and I am so delighted! Looks super super easy!

  3. I agree with you, there are very few things that aren’t improved by a bit of mustard!

  4. Fields and fields of yellow mustard flowers is a beautiful sight to see on the prairies.I am into whole grain mustard these days with my marinades and dressings.

  5. We are self-professed mustard freaks in this house, once owning up to having more than eight different mustards on our condiment shelf in the fridge. Now it’s more like four, pretty normal ones too. I just love mustard and can’t imagine a grilled pork loin without herb mustard dumped all over it. And a brat with stone ground mustard, and jalapeno mustard on a grilled cheese and yellow mustard on ham and…..and……
    see what I mean???

  6. I love mustard but am never sure how it can used other than in ham sandwich! The pasta sauce looks great, thanks for sharing:-)
    X M

  7. Yes, indeed, life would not be complete without mustard! I love putting a bit of grainy mustard into steamed green beans. Mmmm, better than (ahem)… well, maybe not, but it’s AWFULLY good.
    I remember absolutely reeling when we visited a moutardier in Dijon and discovered that the mustard seeds they used came from Canada!
    Your mustard chive sauce sounds amazing.
    We almost always make our own mustard now. It’s SO much better than storebought and takes no time at all to make.
    our mustard recipe:

  8. Hi Katie
    Mustard is a must I agree!
    There is a product here in the Antipodes called Masterfoods. Their Hot English Mustard is fantastic, When you open a new jar even the aroma can almost blow your head off.
    It of course loses it’s heat once opened but can still pack a reasonable punch. Along with Wasabi this mustard is one of the more fun things you can eat. Oops I forgot probably a shot of excellent Tequila would be equally as good.

  9. Hi,
    Mustard it’s funny, how many different recipes mustard can be used in.
    Ms Recipe

  10. Mustard…….whatever! Love ’em both. But not at the same time, I must admit. 😉
    You’ve got me thinking about that mustard sauce on pasta and also on an egg dish. I think I’ll work on those ideas….Thanks!

  11. Thanks, Srivalli… And thank you for hosting!
    Poonam, thanks for the compliment – it is easy!
    Heidi, I didn’t either until I started doing the research. Now all the decorative mustard pots I see make sense!
    Kalyn, can’t thing of a thing!
    Val, here we have the fields of rapeseed – a cousing to mustard. I’ve been into the whole grain myself, recently.
    Kate, uh oh! Is 8 too many? Sheesh! How about 6… we usually have at least 6.
    Elizabeth, thanks for the recipe – I’m on my way…
    Katerina, mustard and chives; mustard and tarragon; mustard and parsley…
    Matin, just be daring and experiment… You’ll be please (I Hope)
    Gilli, hot mustard and tequila… Sounds like a rock band… Sounds rather good, actually!
    Ms, recipe, in my house many, many recipes!
    Toni, oh yeah!!! Mustard on eggs! Yum!
    Tanna, we could give it serious consideration…. We might get some interesting, uh, interest…
    Thanks, Valentina!