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Old-Fashioned Cucumber Salad; More Joys of Moving — 19 Comments

  1. I had a similar thing happen last fall when we moved from V-town to the gîte. I had written the date three times in the letter, in bold and in caps, and they still shut it off the day they received the letter (ie. a month early). Which doesn’t even make any sense since they require one month’s notice!! After much arguing and insisting they couldn’t turn it back on, they finally magically did.
    And funny story re: the cucumbers – the mom wanted me to make a cucumber salad for the kids as the starter, so I did. But they refused to eat it because there was sugar in the sauce, and cucumbers aren’t supposed to be sweet!

  2. Katie, best of luck on the move and hopefully nothing untoward will happen. Fingers are crossed here for you.
    Thanks for another lovely recipe!!

  3. Moving is traumatic enough without the added challenge of dealing with the utility people! I hope it will go at least fairly smoothly when you do move. The cucumber salad sounds great. I think these are the ones that are sold in Costco here; they call them “European cucumbers.” I agree they are great, but when I look for cucumber plants I never see that type. Right now I have so many cucumbers from the garden that it’s becoming a challenge to use them all!

  4. Katie – Hopefully the French utility company will be more efficient than the Irish. Hopefully being the operative word here….Good luck with that!
    But whatever the glitches, when it’s all over and done with, I’m willing to be that you’ll be SO happy in your “new” home! Especially when you eat that simply beautiful cucumber salad. Cucumbers are on sale right now, and I think that I’ll be eating lots and lots of them!

  5. Good luck with everything, that sure was one drama you didn’t need. Hope you didn’t mind that I chuckled at your story. Funny about all the different names for your cucumber, here in Oz it’s called a Lebanese cucumber. We eat cucumber salad all the time too, except my wife prefers a sour cream dressing.

  6. Sam, I remember reading about your problems… That’s why I’m worried!
    Pat, thanks, I can use all the crossed fingers available!
    Kalyn, it’s so funny how the names change from country to country… Here, a kitchem with ‘cabinets’ is an ‘American’ kitchen.
    Toni, thanks… we’re hoping… But I think I’ll have lots of stories!
    Bren, I may have been nice in my memory than reality, too ;-))
    Neil, that’s the great benefit of time… Now it’s funny!
    Katie, mine, too! We eat lots and lots in the summer.
    Zoomie, always…in retrospect!
    Sophie, will do :-0

  7. That salad might be simple, but it looks really delicious! And I totally hear you on the phone company madness…I don’t think it matters what country you’re in, or moving to, or moving from…I always dread the whole connect/disconnect bit.

  8. I do not enjoy moving at all. If only someone else did all the work for me and I just buy the air tickets and get on the plane…

  9. Lydia, you are so right – I must get braver!
    Genie, it so frightening… I know it’s not that difficult, but the control those people like to wield…
    Val, it’s summer… Must eat cucumbers!
    Baking Soda, mine, too, now…
    Tigerfish, oh but they will! You can hire people to come and do it all… Of course, then you can’t afford to live….

  10. Oh I hate telephone companies – they are *all* the same!! And my sympathy with the move, I do so detest the upheaval of a move…
    Love the salad though – it sounds so cool and refreshing! I’ll be trying this for our big summer BBQ in September.

  11. I love your blog so much, and there are just some differences with others’. Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. Happy every day!