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Omnivore 100: How many have you eaten? — 13 Comments

  1. Wasn’t that fun? Sweetbreads.. evasive name, had to look it up: manage to avoid it in Holland but was caught translating the menu in France for a lot of people and not paying attention to my own. Tadaaa!
    Now I’m craving Epoisses

  2. Katie,
    I’ll send you some Krispe Creme and when you and Karen come visit me in NYC, we’ll knock of the dirty martini too!
    And Karen,you crack me up! That is how I got mine too!!

  3. It looks like you can knock off #14, 47, and 54 with a single trip to an Indian restaurant (a pretty good percentage of your remaining missing items). Chicken Tikka Masala is not spicy at all – it’s a tomato cream sauce with non-hot spices and herbs. Give it a try!

  4. Dee, and encouragement to experiment… But there are something I just refuse.
    Colleen, thanks… and welcome back!
    Baking Soda… Yeah Sweetbreads – which I don’t like, as opposed to Sweet Breads which I love!
    Mary, it’s a deal… I’ll bring the andouillette
    Christine, we’re at the hurry up and wait stage. The date is October 2 and we’re pretty sure that’s firm…. Finally!!!!
    KatieG It’s not??? One of my friends always told me how hot it was… Hmmmmm….
    Lannae, give it a try… You may be surprised, I was!

  5. Well, that was too much fun! I couldn’t help myself. I HAD to fill it out too (I got about 70%)
    No hot food for you, eh? I used to be the same way. It grows on one.
    You’ve got to try baba ghanoush. It’s wonderful – eggplant, garlic, tahini, lemon juice… In fact, I’m surprised that you HAVEN’T tried it.

  6. i can;t believe how many of those I have had, and how many I had no idea what they were. I will have to try to fill this out and post on my blog…when I find some time, class started Saturday.

  7. No Baba ghanoush! Shameful!
    Now here would be my dream trip: we all gather in one spot and then globe trot to enjoy everything on this list – at least the ones we’ll try;))

  8. Elizabeth, I have no idea why I haven’t… I would if given the chance, I saw yours… well done!
    Shayne, it is fun… I’ll watch for it!
    Tanna, I’m so embarrassed…. I’ll go on that trip!

  9. Not ALL curries are hot. I’ve had some quite mild goat curries. And aloo gobi is to die for. It doesn’t have to be hot at all. It’s THE way to eat cauliflower (if you’re not eating it with cheese sauce or au gratin, that is)
    And I guess that jerk chicken is out of the question for you too – the ideal thing to go with fried plantain and LOTS of rice to tone down the heat of the jerk sauce.