Oriental Zucchini and Brown Rice Salad; No More Shopping???? — 15 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed this post! nostaglia through humour. you really write very very well.
    Was the bit about Coach purses for the benefit of your mari? 🙂 so he can see how good you’ve been…

  2. If I like something but I’m not sure whether I really want it, I wait for it to haunt me. If I go back then, and if it’s still around, it was meant for me – that’s the philosophy/psychology I use to curb impulsive buying – and it works. I rarely go back! But if I do give in, I don’t regret it.
    I tend to be attracted to the same style in different colours too, btw! Looks like this post could be mine as well!

  3. Val, I didn’t realize there was such a thing as a perfect fit…. Well, at least not since I was 18!
    Maninas, yes, to offset all the skirts and sweaters…
    Sra, I tell myself it’s more efficient that way!

  4. There is no way I’ll ever introduce you to my wife; she doesn’t do multiples of the same item, but once something comes home, it can never leave. We have boxes and boxes of stuff that are never opened but might be needed one day…
    Like the salad very much.

  5. i always take my extras to a church which gives to the needy – childrens clothes, childrens toys, stuff i havent use in my kitchen for the last five years, clothing blooopers i purchased for myself but never wore… the list is endless!

  6. I just love your stories, you have such an amusing way of describing all of the stuff you encounter, it’s a joy to read!
    I’m not much of a hoarder in clothes, but I make up to it in books and kitchen things….

  7. Poonam, they did.. and so quick to get nice and toasty!
    Neil, your wife sounds like a very practical woman… preparing for the future! (women sticking together)
    Maria v, the same here – it’s the churches that run the charity shops. I feel good about where the stuff is going… it’s just hard to let it go.
    Lien, did you notice that I didn’t mention books and kitchen things? There’s a reason (we don’t get rid of that stuff)

  8. I have a whole closet full of formal black clothes (hazards of being a classical musician) but I STILL find myself looking at the black clothes in second hand stores. (It’s ridiculous, but I have a sense of loss that I can’t go and look at your black silk cocktail dress to see if it would fit. I just know it would have been a great addition to the already ridiculous number of blacks I have.) And yet. Why would I need any more? I don’t even wear most of them. I keep choosing the same two or three over and over – the ones that are machine washable and do not require ironing….
    As for buying more than one of something I love, I rarely think to do that. I have a favourite pair of long culottes (machine washable; do not require ironing) that were ridiculously inexpensive. Did I get some in every colour? NO. I’ve never seen anything like them again. I’ve had them for almost 20 years, worn them constantly – they’ve somehow stayed in fashion for the duration. I know I dredge out the sewing machine and copy them, but that would mean I’d have to go into a fabric store. Very dangerous. I’ll buy fabric that looks like it would be fabulous. And it will sit in a drawer with the other pieces of fabric….
    I really like the look of the pinenuts in the salad. They make the brown rice appear almost palatable. 😉 (We have managed to cook brown rice so that it doesn’t taste like cardboard now. Still not ready to be converted from white rice though.)

  9. oh Katie, I am on a throw/give away binge right now and even though i feel somewhat drained emotionally by all these choices to make, I do feel so GOOD when I see less and less hoarded things we have all over the place. but the kitchen is getting more and more cramped…..

  10. Elizabeth, I’ve done the “Well, I’ll just make it myself” bit, too. Sometimes it works, sometimes not… But I always end up with more fabric that I’ll use…. sometime.
    Classical musician, eh? That’s where a lot of my ‘blacks’ were worn, attending, not playing! Somethng else I miss out here in the back of beyond. Maybe a city will be next!
    Ilva, I’m pretty sure I’ll feel good about in when I unpack and it’s all so much more controllable… I’m still in the angst stage now tho.

  11. If I had the money and the space, I would ALWAYS buy two of something that fits beautifully, especialyl skirts and trousers. It’s far more common for me to look at a worn and saggy item of beloved clothing and wish I’d bought more, than to look at 3 identical items and wish I’d bought only one.

  12. I so appreciate this post, Katie. What made me downsize was moving from NC to California. We got rid of virtually everything we owned and started from scratch. ANd that purging made me realize how much stuff we had that we didn’t really need. So now, I buy only what I really like and need, and if I don’t use it within a year, I donate it.