Pasta with Sausage, Sage and Avocado; More Joys of Packing — 13 Comments

  1. My Beloved is the polar opposite of Ton Mari – he never throws _anything_ away and it’s a struggle just to get him to part with clothing of excruciatingly bad taste from the ’70s! 🙂

  2. I’m not sure I like the subtext of “be careful not to grate your hand”. My knuckles are hurting just thinking about it. Cool way to skin the tomato though.
    I’m so relieved to hear that you rescued your cashmere coat!
    (I think my husband must be related to votre marie. He too must do everything in advance and also goes on tidying binges. But he wouldn’t dare to go into my side of the closet… that would be madness.)

  3. With fall right around the corner, this dish is definitely drool-worthy. I love the combination of flavors and colors that mingle together so nicely. I am bookmarking this one. Thanks for your submission to Presto Pasta Nights!

  4. Zoomie, the 70’s??? Not those lovely purple leisure suits, surely…?
    Lynn, it does make one wonder….
    Elizabeth, he threw away my sewing machine once, I hadn’t used it in a year. My SEWIMG MACHINE!!! I got a new one (needless to say)
    Kitchenetta, I served at at room temp – as you say, great for fall!
    Magpie, it couls also be called ‘clean out the fruit/veg bowl’
    Kevin, I love the way the avocado kind of melts into it!

  5. Doesn’t the avocado just disappear entirely? That’s the only part of this that I would be nervous about even though your photo clearly shows that the avocado is still intact.
    Your sewing machine!?
    I told my husband about votre marie’s indiscretions and after he had stopped laughing (yes, I know. It’s wrong to laugh at others’ misfortunes), he said, “I bet that was SOME conversation in the car on the way to retrieve the cashmere coat”. I didn’t feel that it was the correct time to get him to promise that he would NEVER perform a similar stunt here.
    (As long as I keep things in my office, my husband won’t touch them. But every so often he stands in the doorway and says in a disapproving voice “I don’t know HOW you can work in here!”)

  6. Sad to admit, but I am very much like him. My husband is borderline hoarder so I always find our house piled up with junk and old clothes that should have been donated last season. Sometimes, I go through his things and discard/recycle items that are no longer in use. hopefully he doesn’t read this blog.

  7. Elizabeth, the only things that were hot were the sausages and the pasta, so, no, the avocado held up well!
    We don’t talk about that day….
    LiberalFoodie, I really don’t know why I tend to hoard…. maybe it’s from never living in a city… And if he doesn’t know you do that he obviously doens’t miss the stuff ;-))

  8. Wow glad you were able to get your winter coats back!! Let this be a lesson to us all to personally inspect the things that are being taken by someone else to a charity shop… And I love avocado in my pasta! I just don’t do it often because I don’t want to eat brown avocado in leftovers.

  9. So happy you did not lose the coat forever. Always a heart stopping feeling when you have to run back and hope something is still there because of a miscommunication. Heck I live alone and find myself “donating” stuff to charity that should never have gone.
    That pasta looks and sounds amazing!

  10. Ashley, I thought I had… But he’s sooo quick! And, yes, we were BOTH lucky I got them back.
    Jeff, sometimes the rush of cleaning just makes us get carried away. Fortunately (or not) it doesn’t happen often to me!