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Polenta and Cheese Timbales; Weekly Menu Plan; Dog Days of Summer — 15 Comments

  1. Don’t listen to those people – if she’s still loving life, slap on the Doggie Depends when she’s in the house and have fun!

  2. Gosh, Katie I’m so sorry about the pups. I know the problem. Yes! Just say their for mon mari! solved.
    Love these polenta! I’d look for those in a fancy place. But I love polenta, all things polenta.
    Moving right along it seems.
    Katie the house is awesome and will be awesome. I have so much catching up to do here. Give me a week or so, ok. That house is for dreams!!! Love it. But no bread oven.

  3. Mmm those look delicious! Would definitely make me feel better too. 🙂 One question, what temperature did you bake them at?
    Also, love the idea of doggie depends, what a visual!

  4. I actually saw doggie depends at the pet store when I went in to buy food for my cats last time (a mom & pop pet store in the US, not even a big chain store).
    They actually had three different kinds for different sized dogs and with different levels of padding, so I know they exist!

  5. Gee, about the pups pee, can you uses a “in heat” pants? Sorry about that. Poor pup and the pee problem. Pup probably doesn’t like it either. Meow.

  6. I vote for blaming it on the husband! Get the bright diapers with flowers or bugs on them. Should liven up future shopping visits.

  7. Oh, poor pup. Poor you! And poor hubby once word gets out around town 😉
    These look *spectacular* – definitely going to try them!

  8. I know just what you are going through. I had a lovely blind gentleman pug who was also a rescue dog. He was with me for 7 years, he also had issues with wetting later on. I used the bed pads and regular disposable diapers. I loved him so, his ashes are in my flower bed where he would snuffle about looking for me. I was blessed to have had him.

  9. Zoomie, what’s a little pee among friends, right?
    Tanna, no bread oven, but no kitchen, either. I’m thinking maybe a wood stove..
    Joanna, DUH! Slaps head and immediately corrects stupid mistake – 400F, 200C. Thank you, she says, chastened…
    Katie, I doubt they’ll ever make it to France… They’re more the other two option type.
    Shayne, no, just her own. We do have our limits!
    Kitikata – they don’t have those here, either… but thanks!
    Cymry, ooohhh That could be fun – maybe I’ll make mon mari buy them!
    Jeanne, he’s tough; he can handle it (she smirks)
    Deanne, that’s so sad… and sweet… I won’t tell Sedi that last part yet, tho.

  10. It’s so stressful when are pets get old, isn’t it? I have to give my old cat 3 pills a day (which is not an easy task with a cat)!

  11. Pam, stressful when the humans do to! Giving animals pills is a challenge. I used liver sausage in the US. These syringe things work pretty well, though – just a squirt in the mouth.