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Ratatouille: A creative challenge — 9 Comments

  1. Katie, I have made so many different versions of ratatouille, but yours – or my version of yours – is probably my favorite. A chef from Bordeaux taught me to make it this way and it is truly wonderful.

  2. LOL – so basically lovers of ratatouille have to agree to disagree on the recipe 😉 It’s one of my favourite things to have on couscous, hot or cold.

  3. Lydia, great idea! I have just enough left for a couple of omelets… Yum!
    Mimi, I would have to agree. I think the frying add so much flavor to the finished dish. And it really doesn’t take any longer, just a bit more work but so worth it.
    I remember reading that this was the way you made it. (didn’t I?)
    Tigerfish, lots and lots of vegetables!
    Jeanne, had some on couscous last night… and I saved some cold for lunch today!

  4. Warning this lady will make you hungry, Everytime I read her stuff I want to eat ALL of it