Stone-Fruit Clafoutis; Our house is a very, very, very…..? — 15 Comments

  1. There is certainly tons of potential in that house – the details are amazing! I love the entry door, the exposed beams, the ironwork (or whatever you call it) on the balcony (and your own bat to boot!) – beautiful. I’ve always thought it would be so neat to be able to fix up an old house! Best of luck to you!!

  2. Congratulations Kate!!! Sure it will be a lot of work, but the house has so much potential and I am sure that you and your hubby will do a fantastic job.

  3. Oh, with a “little” work this will be a juwel. Count me in, I am an expert in kitchen renovating 😉

  4. michelle, I love the idea – but ask me again in 6 months…
    Michelle, it does, indeed, have nice bones…
    Nora, a blank slate…potential… Yup!
    Lydia, I’ll put you down for the month of November…
    Ulrike, how does January sound?
    Zoomie, I must remember to enjoy that view!

  5. Oh, I just took a “Provence” cooking class from a local chef here in Nashville. She showed us how to make a Clafoutis with fresh cherries. Delicious! The French really know how to cook up good grub for sure!

  6. Marie, Thanks… I certainly hope we have fun… at least, a little ;-))
    Lannae – Did they pit the cherries? (they don’t here…)

  7. Katie,
    I love your new house and can see all the ideas you have from your descriptions! Ambitious yes, lots of work OH yes, but I believe so worth it.

  8. Oh My Goodness!
    When this is complete I will make the clafoutis! I think the views are amazing…
    You certainly are brave to take on such a task…I wish you lots of creative energy and the company of many friends to help with the work.

  9. breadchick, we are trying to stay focused on the outcome… but as we get closer the amount of work keeps surfacing it’s ugly head!
    Betty, I’ll look forward to the clafoutis… And ‘From your lips to God’s ear’ about the friends to help…
    But the views are gorgeous – must remember that…