Vichyssoise; Here’s to Julia Child — 9 Comments

  1. Katie, what an enjoyable read this post was! Your memories of school and Julia are wonderful. (I had that same sign posted by the clock in several of my childhood classrooms, by the way. I think ours went, “Time is passing — are you?” Same difference, as they say).
    And the vichyssoise — divine. The perfect lunch. I’m dying to eat a bowl now.
    I must get myself a copy of “Kitchen Wisdom” ASAP.
    Thanks so much for participating in the celebration of Julia. You’ve enriched the experience (in more ways than one, ha ha!).

  2. That is a delicious looking soup and a great set of memories. I am a big Julia fan and have every re-run of anything Julia-related being recorded to my DVR while I regularly thumb through Mastering the Art. One can never get too much Julia Child!

  3. What a great way to celebrate our favorite chef! I’ll have to get out my copies of her books and make something in her honor soon!

  4. Lisa, I can’t believe how often we cut class to watch cooking…. And thanks so much for hosting this great event each year!
    Mike, I’m going to have to get a DVD recorder… (We’re so backwards over here…)
    Zoomie, I just watched her video on making omelets… Simple things done right! (Why can’t I learn that)

  5. Julia along with Elizabeth David my heroes. I loved their books and learnt so much from them My bibles when I was in my 20’s Would you believe I have either lent or lost my MAstering the Art…
    That reminds me I must buy a new one.
    Thanks for the blog. Good luck with the rest of the packing

  6. Gilli, I keep saying that I must get a book by David… and then not doing it! Maybe my Amazon order aftr we move.

  7. Very nice: the texture comes across clearly from the photo. I like what you say: “She wanted to teach people how to eat well by cooking well.”