Warm Green Bean and Chevre Pasta; Neckin’ in the Balcony

Warm Bean Bean and Chevre Pasta

‘Just a huggin’ and a kissin’ with my baby in the very last row….’

Does anyone neck in the last row in the movies anymore?

Does anyone know what necking is?

Do kids still do it or do they just skip over that part and get right to the serious stuff?

When I decided to enlighten the world about sex mustard (Everything you always wanted to know about sex mustard (but were afraid to ask) I started thinking….

About the the book on sex.

It was ground-breaking at the time.

Actual information on sex – written down, ON PAPER, for anyone to read….

You could even open it up right there at the bookstore! In front of God and Everyone!

It had pictures….

For us girls it was better than Playboy. (For that we could look in the mirror)

In retrospect there were a lot of misconceptions and incorrect information in it, but I remember sitting in our dorm room, pouring over every page; an enthralled gaggle of giggly 18 year-old virgins. (Yeah, do you believe it???)

I don’t have any teenagers in my life so I don’t know how that early voyage of discovery works anymore.

When I was fourteen, holding hands in the movies was serious stuff.  The theatre owner used to patrol with a flashlight to make certain we all behaved.

Mon mari has fond memories of his arm going painfully stiff followed by totally numb after (casually) getting it into position around a girl’s shoulder, then being terrified of moving it.

Fifteen was the first kiss.  I still remember it.  Wonder whatever happened to …..

Then college and the discovery of “The Book”.

Seems all innocently sweet, now, doesn’t it?

Fast forward 5 years and I remember discussing whether waiting until the 3rd date to have sex should be considered abnormal, anti-social, and/or anti-feminist.  (We concluded: yes, to all three.  The second date was sufficient to maintain a discriminatory demeanor.  Oh, and ‘easy’ was going to bed with someone without any date at all – just so you know.)

Big change in a short span of time.

But that was before AIDS, and STD’s, (STD’s existed, yes, but only somewhere else, for someone else, after all)

I have no idea what the teenage dating world is like now… But, from what I glean from such experts as television and the internet… Maybe someone should write another book….

And it really is a shame if the current crop of kids never experience the thrill, yes, thrill, of that first clumsy grope in ‘the balcony in the very last row’.


This moving, packing and going  through my ‘stuff’ is really taking me for a stroll down memory lane!

Time to get back to the present and the pasta.

I’m following Riana’s lead for a few months and not shopping.  Well, not shopping much….

I’m not nearly as good at it as she is, but I decided we were going to live off our pantry until we move, with the addition of some fruit, vegetables and dairy.  I didn’t have a garden this year, and none of our fruit trees had fruit, so you have to cut me some slack on that one, Riana….

And I need my chevre….

Maybe after we move and get a kitchen built I’ll have some complicated pasta dishes for Ruth’s Presto Pasta Nights.  But, until then, here’s another quick and easy one.  Visit Once Upon a Feast on Friday for the round-up.

Green Bean and Chevre Pasta

Warm Green Bean and Chevre Pasta

1 1/4 cups pasta
5oz (150gr) green beans
1 red onion
1/2 red bell pepper
1 tbs olive oil
3oz (150gr) soft goat cheese (chevre)
1 tbs fresh thyme

Bring a large pot of water to a full boil over high heat.  Add pasta.
Top and tail beans and cut into 1 inch lengths. When pasta is within 4 minutes of being done, add beans.  Drain.
Slice red pepper and onion.  Heat oil in a skillet, add pepper and onion.  Sauté until crisp-tender.  Put pasta, beans, peppers, onions and thyme in a large bowl. Add chevre and toss until it melts and coats. Serve.

As to the book that got me thinking: “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But were afraid to ask)”?  You can buy a copy for 1 cent on amazon…

Go for it!

8 thoughts on “Warm Green Bean and Chevre Pasta; Neckin’ in the Balcony”

  1. Who knows what the young’uns are doing these days. I hear conflicting reports that sex is on the decline, sex is rampant…who knows…..I’ll just have a huge helping of this pasta and take away the angst.

  2. So I guess it really ages me that I do remember necking.
    Whatever…I am looking forward to a plate of that pasta! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights and good luck with the packing.

  3. Yes, to all those things! The book, the kiss, the necking, the 18 year old virgin! And virginity was _important_ back then – now, I rather wonder why? 🙂 However, all that is fun to remember, although it seems to come from a different planet.

  4. Val, maybe we’re better off not knowing… and just eating pasta!
    Ruth, I don’t think it ages you….Remember, women are like fine wine….
    Zoomie, yeah it was, wasn’t it… And we sure knew who wasn’t ;-))

  5. LOL – necking in the back row – I rememebr that! Not that I did much of it… I was a bit of a late developer & my first kiss wasn’t till I was 18! Made up for it after that though 😉 I am eternally grateful that I grew up in more innocent times, even though they were described by my mom (born in 1937)as sadly amoral times… I remember coming across “Sex manners for men” on a friend’s parents’ bookshelf and spending hours being quite transfixed by it all 😉
    Pasta looks fab – I can almost taste that chevre…

  6. Loved that necking in the back seat. How many movies didn’t we see in those heady teenage years.
    Of course that was in the 50s and early 60s.
    All quite innocent really. We have an 11 year old granddaughter so I guess in a few years we will find out what’s happening.
    By the way that pasta looks really tasty Katie.
    Oh just remembered what about the books we wanted to read but were banned. The Woman of Rome – Lady Chatterly – The Kama Sutra – etc.

  7. Gilli, ah, yes, the forbidden books…. Weren’t they wonderful? So much better bor being read with a brown paper cover hiding the title….

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