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Warm Green Bean and Chevre Pasta; Neckin’ in the Balcony — 8 Comments

  1. Who knows what the young’uns are doing these days. I hear conflicting reports that sex is on the decline, sex is rampant…who knows…..I’ll just have a huge helping of this pasta and take away the angst.

  2. So I guess it really ages me that I do remember necking.
    Whatever…I am looking forward to a plate of that pasta! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights and good luck with the packing.

  3. Yes, to all those things! The book, the kiss, the necking, the 18 year old virgin! And virginity was _important_ back then – now, I rather wonder why? 🙂 However, all that is fun to remember, although it seems to come from a different planet.

  4. Val, maybe we’re better off not knowing… and just eating pasta!
    Ruth, I don’t think it ages you….Remember, women are like fine wine….
    Zoomie, yeah it was, wasn’t it… And we sure knew who wasn’t ;-))

  5. LOL – necking in the back row – I rememebr that! Not that I did much of it… I was a bit of a late developer & my first kiss wasn’t till I was 18! Made up for it after that though 😉 I am eternally grateful that I grew up in more innocent times, even though they were described by my mom (born in 1937)as sadly amoral times… I remember coming across “Sex manners for men” on a friend’s parents’ bookshelf and spending hours being quite transfixed by it all 😉
    Pasta looks fab – I can almost taste that chevre…

  6. Jeanne, I am grateful for that, too. It was fun being a child. I could do it again! Maybe I will… I didn’t catch that book…

  7. Loved that necking in the back seat. How many movies didn’t we see in those heady teenage years.
    Of course that was in the 50s and early 60s.
    All quite innocent really. We have an 11 year old granddaughter so I guess in a few years we will find out what’s happening.
    By the way that pasta looks really tasty Katie.
    Oh just remembered what about the books we wanted to read but were banned. The Woman of Rome – Lady Chatterly – The Kama Sutra – etc.

  8. Gilli, ah, yes, the forbidden books…. Weren’t they wonderful? So much better bor being read with a brown paper cover hiding the title….