Zucchini, Potato and Red Pepper Cake; Being Good in Dubai — 8 Comments

  1. Zucchini is not yet taking over my life. And I am always glad to get a recipe that uses them, so thanks for this cake, which looks very nice.

  2. Interesting! The Paris Hilton line really cracked me up because LB and I were just talking about her this morning because one of our esteemed presidential candidates compared the other to her in a commercial (oh, the shame) and then she made her own commercial about how she might as well be a candidate for presidency then.

  3. Actually, those rules in Dubai don’t sound that onerous – it’s the punishments that are exaggerated. The rest (except the prescription drugs and perhaps the drinking) seem just like civility. Oh, and living with someone who is not a family member… that might challenge a bunch of Americans!

  4. I like the sound of the cake–flavor-wise and just how its prepared. It looks delicious! As for the Dubai rules…yikes, lol!

  5. Simona, it seems strange to havt to rely on others for my courgette this year… but I still seem to have an ample supply!
    Michelle, I just watched that add – it’s wonderful!
    Zoomie, you’re right, the rules are normal. It’s just the seriousness with which they enforce them that is surprising some people…
    Mike, best move to Dubai with your eyes open!

  6. Val, the laws are fine…it’s the consequences. Although there may be some bizarre dietary laws…. I’d worry…