Apple Crisp… personal size

The pressure is building.

The date of the move is closing in and, in time-honored fashion, everyone needs something done yesterday; something signed immediately and hand delivered.

I can either open the tap and spew forth billions of negative words; ranting and raving; complaining about this and bemoaning that; which might make me feel better but would really be of no interest to anyone.

Or I can just give you this, incredibly simple, recipe for a personal, I’m not sharing with anyone, apple crisp.


And then go make one for me.

That would actually make me feel better than dumping all the words…

Apple Crisp, Prep

Ahhhh, fall comfort food at it’s very best!  Can’t you just smell your kitchen?

Apple Crisp, Individual

Apple Crisp

Single Serving – can be doubled, tripled, whatever

1 apple
1 tbs brown sugar
1 tbs flour
1 tbs rolled oats
1 tbs chilled butter
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp nutmeg
a bit more butter

Butter a small baking dish. Mix sugar, spices, flour and oats. Cut in butter until it resembles small pebbles. Peel and slice apple and spread in the baking dish. Sprinkle crumble mixture over apples. Bake 30 minutes at 375F (185C), until top is brown and apple tender. 

I was thoughtful enough to not vent…..

Could you give me some sympathy anyway?


21 thoughts on “Apple Crisp… personal size”

  1. Katie, I send you loads of sympathy. Poor you! Moving is incredibly stressful.
    Thank you for sharing your apple crisp recipe. That is true comfort food, indeed!

  2. Just send a bag of sympathy over, with an extra parcel full of admiration to you. Admiration that you could hold it all in and that you’r able to still post a lovely recipe in between all this going on….
    Good luck!

  3. Having moved 15 times in my life, I not only know what you are going through (limited hell), I am open-mouthed with admiration that you can prep for a move and still blog about delicious food ideas! Have I mentioned that you are my heroine? You rock!

  4. mmmmmmhhh this looks so perfectly yummy!!!
    just the other day I was wondering what to do with all my apples… now I know. hehe
    oh and for the other thing…I simply leave some hugs here for you, k?

  5. Thanks for the sympathy, Maureen. And I thought we were so organized…..
    Thanks, TBTAM, I feel better now!
    Lien, no new recipes for awhile, no cooking either… Dining out! And thank you!
    Zoomie, 15 times??? I sit in awe… And I’ll stop complaining now!
    Lydia, I love them two – they’re a perfect size for individual gratin potatoes, crisps, lots of stuff. I don’t remember where I got them…. Either US or Spain…
    Got the hugs, Astrid, thanks! I only got 2 apples off my trees this year… They were both delicious.

  6. buying a house…hell. Moving…hell. paperwork in Europe…hell. oh yes I so feel sorry for you.
    I made no roll crust apple pie with crisp topping to go with dinner (tomatoes and roasted cauliflower) tonight. It was good for a pie that I did not really follow any recipe for. I guess I could have come here first for single serving crisp!!

  7. Tons of sympathy coming your way – i want a bigger kitchen but the reminder of moving trauma is enough to make me stay put!
    Your apple crisp looks delicious.
    We’re off to the apple orchard tomorrow so I know that there will soon be apple crisps appearing on our table . . .

  8. I recognized the rolled oats before I read the recipe. Oatmeal is included in the Betty Crocker recipe that I always use for apple crips. It’s interesting that the French “crumbles” — more inspired by the British version, perhaps — rarely include the oats.

  9. Oh poor you. I have only moved (properly) once in my life and at that stage resolved to keep all future moves to a minimum at any cost!! So far so good! It will all be worth it when you are in the new place.
    I love crisps – made an apple and blackberry one the other night that I’ve yet to post. Love the oats in the topping – you can almost convince yourself it’s health food!

  10. I feel your pain, Katie!! This is why I’ve vowed NEVER to move. It’s bad enough when I’m required to rake out my office.
    Apple crisp is an excellent way to alleviate the pain though. I particularly like that you made one just for you. I hope you added a little creme fraiche to the top for extra comfort?

  11. Shayne, I’ve stuck my head in the sand regarding the paperwork…, I’m going to have to face it soon.
    Jerry, I love going to the apple orchard. No stock piling apples thus year, tho
    Arfi, I had a good packing day, so that helped!
    Betty, I think the oats make the crisp! And the British so love them it’s surprising that they don’t use them.
    Jeanne, blackberries and apples? Yum! Yes, those early moves were easy.
    Elizabeth, well, we have one more after this one.. The, I’m staying put! I hate cleaning my office…

  12. Looks gorgeous! Love the idea of single serving recipes, for those home-alone nights.
    Hope the move is going well…just keep trying to focus on the joys to come with your new home over the old one. You know, between those moments when you’re trying to cram sagging boxes into a too-small vehicle during a rainstorm or when you hear that sudden cracking noise coming from the area of your good china 🙂
    When I moved to PA, we had to drive through Customs in NY with the car PACKED to near over-flowing (mind you, this is a very small car..bijoux). That officer circled the car a good many times, shined a flashlight in and under the vehicle, and asked a lot of questions. And somehow we’ve had worst experiences at that crossing point…

  13. In place of sympathy, how ’bout I send you me: we have tea and coffee with your crisp in between packing and wine in the evening ;0) better than sympathy.
    Our carpet cleaning required moving all the furniture out of 5 rooms and then back. also generated a lot of cleaning and throwing out – I can only hope that will mean less when we move.

  14. You definitely have my sympathy. Moving is a pain in the patoot! This, too, shall pass, and then it will be all sunshine and baking. Right?

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