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Barley Pilaf; 10,000 years of history — 13 Comments

  1. Beef-with-barley was my favorite soup as a kid too. Then as an adult it was Scotch Broth (lamb and barley) which I can no longer find. Grrr!!!! So I’m looking to make my own. Cook’s Illustrated has a recipe for Scotch Broth that I’ve been meaning to try.
    Anyway, I love barley in general (in beer or out of beer!) so I’ll definitely have to try your pilaf.

  2. You are so healthy! and timely since I’m expecting cooler temperatures and soup is a lovely possibility now . . . with some fresh bread . . . but hey wouldn’t that pilaf be good with fresh bread too!

  3. Lulu, I remember Scotch Broth!!!!
    Ulrike, yes, how could I hve forgotten that most important use!!!
    Tigerfish, I’ve heard of that, but never tasted it.
    Tanna, anything is good with fresh bread… even nothing but butter…. or olive oil…. or chocolate…

  4. Well, I feel well-educated after that post! Amazing. Oh, and the dish looks scrumptious, too.
    Thanks for the comment…and I WISH I had been sipping a rose’ on the Adriatic! Alas, it was just life happening.

  5. Hi Katie
    My Mum made great beef and barley soup. I have never cooked with it.I think a lot of young people still think a 6 pack is a meal. Nothing changes there
    I was going to mention Whiskey as a source but how about Lemon and Barley water my favourite cordial when I was growing up. Now that’s something I should revive. Spring is well on its way here in the Antipodes Beautiful day today.

  6. I love barley! So, what is the most “healthy” or “whole” style of barley then – the hulled? I love just the simple addition of carrots in this dish – I can just imagine it’s sweet flavor complimented by the sherry.

  7. Jeni, I’m also grateful for my vivid imagination….esp. when life is happening to me…
    Gilli, Spring!!! I normally love fall, which we are well into, but only after summer which we didn’t have again this year. So I’ll be jealous of spring. Never had Lemon and Barley water… sounds interesting
    Michelle, the most healthy is the barely hulled… which takes over an hour to cook and I can’t even buy here. I figure I’ll just eat what I get and know it’s healthier than minute rice….

  8. I am a big barley fan but I’ve also mostly used it in soup. I need to try this type of recipe, great idea.

  9. I am new here and I like your blog! I am a Chinese and not good at English.
    Why am I here?
    Because of food.
    I was searching for the usage of Barley, because I make a plain barley soup. To be honest, it tastes less. It was my first experience to eat Barley. I used to have Perl Barley. Is there any different form them?
    I like your story too, make me laughing. And I like your recipe, I need try them.
    Have good weekends,