Butternut Squash with Walnuts and Cheese; Weekend Herb Blogging — 15 Comments

  1. Yum! My favorite winter squash dish is a savory one as well, sauteed with onions, garlic, and hot sausage. Add a splash of cream and some fresh herbs (thyme or sage are good) and pasta and it’s incredible! I never ate winter squash growing up either, not even in pie – we usually made sweet potato instead of pumpkin – and I’m just now figuring out how delicious it is.

  2. One of my all-time favourite soups is winter squash with ginger and lime and garnished with deep fried julienned pieces of ginger. The recipe I use is altered from an ancient Gourmet magazine recipe.
    When I was a kid, I loathed squash (silly me) even though Mom used to bake acorn squashes all the time. She put a bit of butter, salt, pepper and grated nutmeg in the cavity before baking it. Now that I am no longer young and foolish, I agree with Mom that this is THE way to serve squash if there isn’t time to make soup. But I’m thinking that your squash with cheese and walnuts might put Mom’s baked squash into a close second-place. It sounds fabulous, Katie.
    So does your favourite squash recipe, Ulrike.
    Oh my… what to do, what to do. We don’t have ANY squash in the house. (I should NEVER read this blog before dinner! I’m drooling uncontrollably.)

  3. Oh my word… “Mon mari loved acorn squash, cut in half, filled with butter and brown sugar, and baked.”
    Are you sure he is not South African?? Because this with the addition of cinnamon is exactly how my father likes to eat gem squash!! In fact, the way you will find butternut squash served in most South African restaurants is mashed with sugar and cinnamon 🙂 Your dish sounds fabulous…

  4. Ahm, please I would be so happy with this for a main course. Of course you can fry squash! That looks totally fabulous.
    Mon mari loved acorn squash, cut in half, filled with butter and brown sugar, and baked. Well, right who doesn’t love that has no brain or no taste buds or both.

  5. I really love squash and am looking forward to lots of it in the coming cold months. This looks beautiful!

  6. Ahhhh, the inability to find canned pumpkin was something I ran into while living in New Zealand. Nearly ruined my first Christmas abroad, until a care package from friends and family back in The States saved the day! Living abraod brings such a new perspective on so many little things in one’s life.

  7. we fry the kabocha squash with eggs and green onions – they taste great.
    Question: when you harvest a winter squash, is it absolutely necessary to cure them first, or can you eat them right after harvesting?

  8. When I was a kid I never liked “squash” either. (That’s what we called all types of winter squash. The only summer squash we ever had was fried zucchini.) Now I love it. I think my favorite is butternut, but truly I like them all.
    Since this is week #148, we are coming on the three year anniversary and there is a fantastic prize that’s been donated, so I have to get busy thinking about what we should do this year.

  9. I like pureed butternut squash soup that’s flavored with chiles. Smoky chipotles and a bit of sour cream (or as you suggest, yogurt) are a fantastic accompaniment to the sweet rich butternut puree.

  10. Ulrike, like the summer varieties are all ‘courgette’ here and the winter are pumpkin, too!
    Joanna, that sounds frantastic… I’m trying it!
    Elizabeth, I like the acorn that way too. The ginger in the soup sounds great… I love all these new ideas!
    Jeanne, cinnamon… Yum! I love cinnamon!
    Tanna, I have to admit I’ve eaten my share that way as well… forced to, of course hehehe
    Christine, your soooo welcome!
    Kate, I’m so missing my garden this year.. I always had lots and filled the celler. Now I’m forced to buy them….
    Laura, yes, it was an eye-opener! And it took me a few years to figure out how to substitute fresh pumpkin, esp. in baking.
    Nate, you can eat as soon as you pick them, provided their ripe. The curing only helps them last longer in storage… and ripens them if they were picked too early – like because of a pending frost
    Kalyn, Can’t wait to see what you do….
    Graziana, I loved the flavor of it fried!
    thehungryengineer, another great idea! the smoky flavor sounds delish

  11. I love more savory treatments of butternut squash, too — roasted in a pan with onions, a sprinkling of curry powder, and chunks of apple. Love the idea of the cheese — that’s a combination I haven’t tried.