Carrot and Gruyere Timbales; Bad Eating Habits Spreading…. — 18 Comments

  1. Oh gosh, that’s awful. It’s one thing when parents give in to their kids begging for candy, but it’s another thing entirely to deny the kid an apple and make him eat candy instead! Makes me a little sad about where the world is heading. Sigh.
    In the meantime, the timbales look great! Can you get canned cherry tomatoes where you are? They are my favorite in quick tomato sauces like this one. The brand I use is La Valle, which I think is imported from Italy.

  2. Holy…candy over apples? The Brits are going to protest but this is a snap-shot…smarten-up parents.
    Katie, the Timbale Queen strikes again!

  3. Holy Cow, IMAGINE refusing to buy a child an apple! My mother would have killed for a kid like that! We were always whinging for candy and chips – and were always sternly refused. I look back thankfully, now, but I wasn’t very nice about it back then… 🙁

  4. The timbales sound WONDERFUL and highly adaptable — thanks for the recipe!
    (and yeah, the mother who foists candy on her kid instead of buying the apple makes me hurt a little)

  5. Of course when we were in France earlier this year, we bought wine to take home, bought one small cheese to eat there, and got dried sausage to take home (which border patrol took because it is illegal to bring meat into the USA). These are all things we cannot get in the USA. But, I do understand wanting veggies and fruit, as it seems Burgundy and Champagne restaurants did not serve up veggies and fruit. When we got home to the USA, we did a semi-cleansing diet of fruits, veggies and a little sushi.

  6. She said “no” to an apple? I’m floored to be honest with you. I only hope that she was having a bad day and temporarily lost her senses. And the French don’t wear flip-flops to the market? God, here in San Diego, people wear flip-flops EVERYWHERE, all the time. I like casual dressing, but not all the time, you know?

  7. Let’s see when we did the French canals with two other couples we always had breakfast on the boat and alternated lunch or dinner off the boat. So we shopped for two meals a day. Never bought any wine: the newly weds had spent 10 days shopping for wine in every vineyard they could get into.
    We generally bought fresh fruits, some veggies, smoked salmon, foie gras, stinky, runny cheeses, baguettes…. and jars of small bite veggies . . . mostly finger foods. And none of even had any flip flops.
    Maybe that mom was speaking in tongues . . .
    Katie this timbale is so good looking, it’s hard to believe it’s as easy as you make it sound. Must try this one.

  8. Cant’ imagine a child WANTING an apple, and the mom REFUSING – when all parents want to do nowadays is have children wanting apples and rejecting candy.

  9. Joanna, canned cherry tomatoes? Never knew such a thing existed….I bet they would be good. I like using them in summer, and I freeze them for sauce…
    Ulrike, Yeah, Jamie is trying – he may need help, tho~
    Peter, and they WERE on holiday, but still…
    Long reign timbales!!!
    Zoomie, I always loved apples… but had a paper route so could buy my own candy ;-))
    Scott, are you sure you weren’t in the Vendee last week??
    Maggie, it really was crazy! Had they been speaking French I would have assumed I misunderstood!
    HungryEngineer, I love timbales, they can be made with almost anything… and are so easy!
    Lannae, I think the French eat so many veggies at home, and they are relatively inexpensive, some restaurants don’t serve a lot.
    Susan, French women dress casually when they’re in the garden, but I’ve never seen my neighbor farmer’s wife looking sloppy – even when feeding the chickens. It is really easy to pick out the tourists.
    Tanna, but people who cruise the canals are exceptional!
    Sra, it was pretty bizarre!

  10. Can’t stop laughing… hahahaha. Another one of those countries who mocks the Americans but has similar problems is mine – Canada. It isn’t as bad in adults but it is becoming a big problem in children and it is those same attitudes. Disgusting.
    I love the look of your timbales though! I have never made or eaten them before but they are calling to me. Joining in the chorus with my never used ramekins… make these, make these.

  11. Mmm, those timbales look fantastic! definitely one to bookmark. As for other people’s chopping trolleys… it’s a source of perpetual amusement to me and Nick. It seems the rest of the world (in East London anyway) fills their trolleys with sugary breakfast cereal (the English have a VERY strange and unnatural relationship with breakfast cerleal…), fizzy drinks, prepared chicken Kievs, cheap sausages and yoghurt drinks which they believe will keep them healthy despite the rest of their diet. Oi vay. Nick and I have this trolly piled high with fresh fruit & veg and (gasp) actual RAW meat! It’s hilarious.

  12. Jeanne, I remember in Ireland seeing trolleys full of tinned beans in tomato sauce, white bread and sweet biscuits…. Made we ill just looking at it! – Oh, and diet sodas…