Mini Meat Loaves, The Weekly Menu Plan, and FOWP — 11 Comments

  1. There’s always wine, but one cannot clean with it….
    Amazing story – The realtors don’t have an info sheet with all this sort of info? One must seek it out like a detective?
    Looks like a website opportunity for someone (maybe you) – create a checklist for the aspiring French homebuyer.
    Glad you did not find it out on moving day.
    Nice meatloaf.

  2. Oh Katie, what a thing – I hope it won’t end up costing you all your decorating budget. And that you can get the pipe in before you move.
    Comfort food … meatloaf for Americans, shepherd’s pie perhaps for the English. Looks great

  3. These kind of things drive me crazy! I’m so sorry it happened to you! I would be NAACB (Nervous As Anyone Could Be).
    Moving from one house to another is so stresfull… you don’t need that plus!
    Let’s cook comfort food. Hand me a plate of your delicious meat loves?

  4. TBTAM, the whole realty thing is not quite as organised here… and, people can ‘forget’ the details… or interpret them differently. A bathroom, in one place we looked at was nothing more than a toilet in the bedroom.
    Joanna, fortunately we have planned on renting a cottage for a bit, as the bathroom and floors need to be done before we can move in.
    Nuria, it can be a bit stressful… or, maybe, a lot stressful!!
    Zoomie, I didn’t dare give you my actual ‘words’ hahaha

  5. You know you really stop me stone cold with that one. It matters not – buy, sell, build if it’s a house and you haven’t done it over a hundred times (and who has) it’s those innocent things that would never occur to a person to ask. I guess that’s the old assume issue ;0)
    The mini meat loaves are beautifully perfect.

  6. Oh dear…..It’s so easy to think you’ve asked the right question, and then discover that the answer was just a shade off. But there are always those kinds of things when buying a house. You could let it drive you crazy, or you could make mini meat loaves.
    I love the mini meat loaves – they’re adorable!!!

  7. Oh my. I don’t think I could be quite so philosophical about it as you are. Hope it will turn out okay in the end. Eat meat loaf, I know it will help!

  8. Tanna, we just have to accept that it’s a bit of a crap-shoot! And hope for the best.
    Toni, especially when we’re speaking different languages.
    Kaly, no choice but to be philosophical!

  9. OMG, that’s kind of fundamental, isn’t it?? Surely that’s misrepresentation?? Probably the French legal system does not know the concept…! Hope it all gets sorted out and you don’t spend your first days in the new house dehydrated and grubby…
    These look like my moms frikkadels!

  10. Jeanne, We’ve rented a holiday place for a few weeks, while we get the bathroom built and the floors done… Thankfully!!! One has to be very precise with the questions.