Zucchini Pastry; Weekly Menu Plan; What have we DONE!!! — 9 Comments

  1. Didn’t I tell you? Ugh! I bet the mother and father of that SPIDER where somewhere up in the ceiling ready to attack if something happened to their “baby”!!!!!
    If I were you I would call GhostBusters!!!! ;D ;D
    Today is Farmer’s market day! Let’s buy a good bunch of zucchinis!!!!!

  2. . . . breath . . . I’m having a hard time and all I have in front of me is words. Your words must be excellent because I now have a pretty graphic picture in my mind. Thank goodness for the old chateau next to the winery! Next to the winery . . . yes, do believe I’m going to be alright.
    Katie this zucchini looks and sounds really wonderful!
    I’m wishing you really well now. How incredible an adventure you are taking on.

  3. That winery next door will come in handy, yes? And for the zucchini — how about salting it first and letting it sit to drain the water before you cook it? A quick rinse gets rid of residual salt, and less will exude in the cooking. This tart/pie/pizza looks fabulous; I’ll definitely try it.

  4. I know that feeling of overwhelm when what seemed so possibly suddenly seems insurmountable – but adventurous folk like you and your mari will love the challenge once you are installed and after a couple of glasses of that wine!

  5. I confess I had to laugh when I read this. Oh, do I understand the cat sized spider in the corner, and the way things don’t look at all the same as you remembered them! But fear not – you WILL prevail! And your kitchen will be the center of a wonderful home. It will just take more work than you want to be doing. I know. I’ve done it!
    But on another subject…..that zucchini and tomato pastry looks fantastic!! I’m ready to have some right now!

  6. Nuria, I’m sending mon mari down a week early to clean – thoroughly!
    Tanna, I must admit I was rather relieved about that… It’s actually crawling distance.
    Lydia, I’ll try that next time… One just must be thinking ahead instead of at the last minutes as I normally am these days!
    Zoomie, it will be better once were there and working, too!
    Toni, right – What’s life without building dust, after all? Someday, I’m going to live in a finished house… for longer than it takes to sell it and move on!

  7. We don’t have any huge spiders here but its the small things you have to watch out for like the black widows and scorpions…then there are the rattlesnakes:D I love this idea for pizza too using the puff pastry…and zucchini of course:D

  8. Christine, thanks…. Someday, maybe I’ll catch up too ;-))
    Val, where I grew up they were guys that made a living hunting rattlesnakes…But scorpions?????