Oriental Zucchini (Courgette); NEVER uninstall IE 7 ! — 15 Comments

  1. Grrrrr — that’s enough to make you tear your hair out. I’m with Ulrike — just stay away from IE altogether. It’s the only browser that’s crashed my site.

  2. OK, don’t mean to laugh at your computer misfortunes but your story had me ROTFL!! Sounds like the kind of situation I’d get myself into, and there’s nothing that makes me lose the will to live faster than malfunctioning technology!! The courgettes look lovely – like the Asian overtones 🙂

  3. Since I’ve been an Apple/Mac freak since 1980 . . . IE7 escapes me.
    Now that Courgette (Zucchini) that has got to be coming to the table at my house soon! I’ve seen good zucchini, I love zucchini but this is really beautiful.
    Maybe your computer mojo missed a ‘hit return or delete’ but the zucchini is sure keeping you in the game in the kitchen!

  4. Ulirke, unfortunately, I need it… As well as Firefox, etc…
    Lannae, that does make life easier…. usually!
    Lydia, easier said than done!
    Jeanne… You have a wicked sense of humor…
    Thanks, Zoomie… And Neil
    Christine, and sometimes the camera works… Thanks.
    Tanna, I keep thinking I should buy a Mac next time.. But then there’s all that software I own!

  5. Poor you! It’s amazing we rarely tell anyone how great our computers are when they’re functioning…it’s just expected, but when they go on strike….WELL!
    My laptop…has become a desktop with me using an external monitor and keyboard. Sheesh!
    Nice looking zucchini, though!

  6. Ohhhhh Katie, sorry to hear about all the computer problems!!! It does sound much like the fixes I get myself into here on mine. Luckily I have learnt about the restore feature early on and my hubby does a complete back up ever so often of both computers. Saying that I think I may be due for one this weekend. Good luck with them.

  7. Ruth, I hope (touch wood) that they are both working now….
    Sara, always need more for zucchini!
    Pat, that restore was a godsend…. Why didn’t I know that!

  8. Sweet Katie, I know what you mean… so well! But, cannot help you! Today, I have to go back to the computerman to take my daughter’s laptop… it passed away too… there must be something in the air 🙁
    I’ve got some sesame seeds and zucchinis, so it’s great you lied about them… I’ll do your recipe for lunch :D… maybe I add a bit of bacon ;D