Pissalidière; I’m learning Aussie! and the Menu of the Week — 8 Comments

  1. Katie, I am enjoying your cooking with the Greek ingredients and I can a Greek-flared pissalidiere in the works!
    Did you tell the Aussie about the snakes in the house? lol

  2. Interesting take on a pissalidiere!
    I’m dreading our move this winter. The weather is bound to be terrible and I too have too much stuff that I should get rid of.

  3. Happy Cook, we’re moving a bit further south, about an hour southeast of Bordeaux.
    Tanna, of course with red wine… copious amounts of red wine. Who needs teacups!
    Peter, I’m getting into Greek…. No, I didn’t tell him about the snakes in the house… I told him about the snakes in the garden and that was met with a less than. enthusiastic response… So I stopped
    Maggie, in the winter? Poor you! I hope I’m in front of a warm stove by then… I really, really hope…
    Baking Soda, thanks for the luck.. and too bad about the little fishes..

  4. Oooh, an hour southeast of Bordeaux – gourmet central 🙂 At least it will make the ghastliness of the move worthwhile… I also have to wonder where the hell all this STUFF came from. We arrived in the UK 8 years ago with a big backpack and a suitcase. Now, despite renting a furnished house, we will have to rent a an when we move. And, umm, ship the gigantic warehouse full of our South African possessions over here. I have wedding gifts that I have not seen in 6 years…
    I LOVE pissaladiere, and I love the addition of feta. Feta makes everyting better 🙂