Potato Feta Cakes; Have we lost the Race?

Potato Feta Cakes

Warning; Warning;

The usual attempt at a humorous anecdote has been replaced by a philosophical reflection.

The world will correct itself by morning.

Good recipe at the end, though….

David Duchovny is in rehab for sex addiction.

Sex addiction; gambling addiction; alcohol addiction; drug addiction….

Over-eating; under-exercising; excessive risk-taking; pursuit of pleasure at any cost….

Are we, as humans, losing our ability to exercise self-control?

Are we losing our ability to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior?

Not the kind of behavior that makes us a success in polite society but the kind of behavior that insures our success as a species.

Are we losing it?

Or, did we never have it?

Has our modern, technological life given us so much, so fast that we haven't had time to learn how to cope effectively?

Or is the idea of humans having free will, and the ability to exercise control over it, a myth?

Are we more governed by our physical wants than we would like to believe?  Closer to the next rung below us on the evolutionary ladder than we think? 

Is 'mind over matter' over?

There was a time, say, 20 years ago, when one had to spend money, somewhat publicly, in order to pursue an interest in pornography.

There was a time, say, 50 years ago, when drugs were still plant-based and difficult to find.

There was a time, say, 100 years ago, when the majority of the people did physical labor to feed themselves.

I remember a professor telling me that humans are only as honest as circumstances force them to be.

Have we been evolving, growing as a species, only because circumstances forced us?

Now that we have ample leisure time, the internet, easy food, easy sex, easy entertainment, have we stopped? 

Have we reached the peak, as it were, and are now sliding down the other side, back into the darkness?

Have we lost the (human) race?

I'd love to hear your thoughts…

Now, back to the food:

Potato Feta Cakes

Potato and Feta Cakes

2 medium potatoes, (14oz, 400gr) cooked and mashed
4oz (120gr) feta cheese, crumbled
3 tbs snipped fresh chives
1 egg, beaten
1 tbs crème fraiche

1 tbs olive oil

Mix potato, egg, crème fraiche and chives well.  Stir in feta.  Divide into 4 equal portions.  Heat oil in large nonstick skillet.  Add potato portions, forming into patties in the skillet, about 1/2" (1.25cm) thick.  Fry until brown on one side, about 7 minutes. Turn and brown the other side. 

It must be the pending move, but I'm really into easy cooking these days….

Or, am I devolving…..Uh oh….

12 thoughts on “Potato Feta Cakes; Have we lost the Race?”

  1. Perhaps it has to do with our transition from a largely agrarian society to an industrialized one. Less time is spent on physical labor and a lot more emphasis is placed upon physical pleasure. And you’re about the recipe, it’s terrific!

  2. Philosophical indeed! I imagine the many support systems in existence help, too. You’d mentioned evolution. If one were to go with a survival-of-the-fittest approach, you’d think those with debilitating addictions would be less likely to reproduce and those qualities wouldn’t survive the age-old evolutionary process. But with rehab, medicine, and other established intervention systems, I guess you could say addiction isn’t necessarily an dying trait. *shrugs*
    Anyways, all of that aside, I’m starving right now and would have gobbled up all of those potato cakes before you finished reading this comment.

  3. Or are we just hearing more about addictions and predilections that have existed over the course of human history but were kept a family secret before? With the advent of “instant news,” whether by internet or television/radio/newsmedia, we hear about crimes, addictions, bad habits, etc. much more easily and tend to think of them as multiplying because they seem so “close”when they come into our living rooms. I can tell when My Beloved’s mother has been watching too much TV – she becomes fearful even though she lives in a very safe environment.

  4. Philosophical . . . perhaps if I ate these potatoes for several days, breakfast, lunch & dinner, I might be able to give this some philosophical thought and give you an answer. But there’s so much coming at me, my brain’s a muddle.

  5. The “us” and “we” that you refer to is a small number of humans living in “our” comfortable world. The great majority of the (human) race still fights to live!
    And yes, we, fat asses, are getting used to have things for granted. But, I’m optimist and think that among the “we” there’s still some whom feel grateful and try to do things properly :D.
    I’m getting a bit phylosofical in my blog too, check last post!

  6. Food for thought Katie. Interesting philosophical points of view.
    Great potato cakes as well. What more could we ask.
    A pleasure to read as always.

  7. Allow me to pull my head out of the sand yet again to say that I fear we are losing. I find the testing of the Large Hadron Collider to be particularly disturbing. Talk about playing with fire!
    As for the losing ability to exercise self-control, it seems that since recorded time, people with plenty of money and time on their hands have managed to misspend both. (Think of the excesses and indiscretions of the upper classes throughout the ages) The problems we’re seeing now are that there are far more people (in the western world) with way too much time and money – or free access to mind-numbing pursuits. And perhaps it’s also the easy access to information as well.
    Last night we were going to watch a movie on our DVD player and when we turned the TV on, we randomly flipped through the channels to see what nonsense there was. It was ALL (except the weather and news channels) “reality shows”. Even on the Food network. And we both wondered who watches these kind of shows and how is it that there are so many of them.
    And realized that it must be the majority or the programs wouldn’t be produced. This is what it has come down to. Feeding the wants of those who don’t want to think. Because it costs the least. (I really dislike it when Vonnegut’s predictions in “Harrison Bergeron” come true.)
    Pushing head back under the sand again. It’s scary out there!
    P.S. I do love the internet and what it has to offer though. Buried under all the junk, there are wonderful sources of information and possibilities for mind-growth rather than the alternative.
    P.P.S. Does the feta melt?

  8. Oi vay – it does indeed appear that the world is going to hell in a handbasket! And I hate to be pessimistic but I do believe our society has peaked and is now on a downward slide… But seeing as there is not a gigantic amount that I can do to change that, I’m with Elizabeth – head down and try to live your little piece of life as well as possible 😉
    And WTF is up with that bloody Large Halon Collider?? Is it just me or does anybody else wonder what possessed them? “Umm, I know, we hav no understanding whatsoever of the forces that shaped the universe as we know it, but let’s kind of mess around till something happens.” Yup, great idea guys. And doesn’t it make anybody suspicious that the entire construction up to this point has been so quiet and low-key? I bet most people on the planet hadn’t even heard of it until last week…
    On to more cheerful topics – those fab little potato & feta cakes. It’s an inspired combination and I’m definitely bookmarking these babies!

  9. Joe, thanks…
    Mike, that’s part of it, I think… We’re circumventing natural selection!
    Zoomie, I think the ‘instant news’ makes it all seem worse, too – and spreads ideas, thoughts, etc. as well.
    Tanna, hmmm, too much time staring at monitors waiting for software to load is my problem.
    Nuria, you are right, I should have clarified that’s it’s only part of the Race… (read your post – well done)
    Thank you so much, Wanda.
    Elizabeth, catering to the, er, laziest common denominator??? I hate reality TV, If/when I watch I want to watch paid, professional actors…
    The feta didn’t really melt, it stayed in warm cubes.
    Jeanne, Scary to think we intelligent beings have peaked… Head in the sand… Good idea!

  10. These human conditions have always existed I just think we hear more about them these days with all the sensationalism of the media. I think there is still a lot of good in the world (at least I hope so). As I mentioned to Ben of What’s Cooking we should just sit everyone down to a great dinner including these potato cakes with feta (yumm-o). Not only would they not have time to think about deviating from the straight and narrow but they would be happy!!!

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